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    Promotional pens make tremendous giveaway items as they combine real utility, great marketing value, and allow you to distribute a lot of product for a reasonable cost. Pens can be distributed at trade shows, during client meetings, in holiday care packages, and during any interaction with a prospect or client that demands that you make an impact. Pens are a classic promotional item, and for good reason - they tend to last longer than many of the other giveaway items on the market today. Every time your client picks up your promotional pen, they'll think of you! For this reason alone, it is wise to invest in pens that leave a positive impression with whomever you're giving them to.

    SmoothWrite ink pens from National Pen deliver an amazing writing experience for you and your clients. They'll love the smooth flow of ink, the reliable operation, and the constant and fluid lines that this pen delivers. You'll love the affordable price point that allows you to order significant quantities, for little total cost. Whether your client is using it as an everyday pen or reserves this special one for signing contracts and important documents, they'll certainly be pleased with the SmoothWrite pen.

    This incredible pen is also highly customizable - with up to five lines of text and 30 characters per line, we'll be able to imprint your company logo, motto, or message with ease. And, with 12 stock colors to choose from, the barrel of your pen will contrast nicely with your company or organization's logo. A fancy chrome trim rounds out the tip of the pen and the click mechanism and lends a touch of class to the overall presentation.

    The SmoothWrite ink pen is a perfect promotional giveaway item because it delivers a balance of affordability and class. There are less expensive pens on the market today, but you'll find that your clients will actually use these pens during their workday. This is an easy way to ensure better market penetration and more visibility for your brand. Both employees and decision-makers of any group will appreciate the thought and care that you put into your pen purchase.

    So whether you're gearing up for the next big tradeshow, an impromptu visit to your newest client, or just want to make sure you and your team are always stocked up on the best promotional giveaway items, National Pen will have you covered. The SmoothWrite ink pen series will impress both you and your clients.