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Benefits of Double-Walled Tumblers vs. Branded Insulated Tumblers

There are all sorts of places where customers will want to take their drinks. Long morning commutes, a cosy campfire meal, a summer picnic under the stars and more can all show off your logo when you offer your own branded insulated tumblers and travel mugs. Below, we break down the key components of both branded insulated tumblers and double-walled styles so you can make sure the travel drinkware showing off your brand is the one they bring to the conference room, the car and their kid’s football game.

Deliver Hot Drinks and Dry Hands with Double-Walled Tumblers

A double-walled tumbler keeps condensation from forming on your hand and on your desk, and will keep your beverage at temperature longer than a single-walled option. Check out these bestsellers:

410 ml Insulated Elwood Tumbler: With a sleek exterior and modern design, these insulated stainless steel tumblers are extremely popular for in the office and on the go. Customers also love how securely the lid seals with a convenient slide-and-sip closure.

280 ml Double-Wall Dilan Travel Mug: This diamond-patterned grip inlaid in the stainless steel exterior will make your logo easy to find. With a pop-up opening for drinking on the go and your brand on the front, these travel mugs offer convenience and brand exposure.

Stadium 350 ml Double-Walled Cup: Don’t worry about stadium spills! These sporty cups come with a secure lid and matching straw so customers can enjoy their drink (and your brand) while keeping their focus on the game.

Keep Warm with Vacuum-Insulated Tumblers

A good vacuum (vacuum insulation, that is) will put your tumbler ahead of the competition. But what does vacuum insulated mean and how does double-wall vacuum insulation work to keep beverages at temperature for longer? The vacuum removes air between the inner and outer walls of the tumbler, so heat can’t escape and cold can’t come in. If heat can’t leave a hot beverage, or come in contact with a cold one, the drink inside will stay at temperature longer. One of the ways heat travels is through the air, so no air means less heat transfer. Vacuum insulation is created in a tumbler when an external and internal wall are sealed at the top after all the air has been sucked out. Tip: Because vacuum insulation is inefficient unless you’re working with stainless steel, a vacuum-insulated tumbler should have stainless steel exterior walls.

We like these:

Nordre 350 ml Copper-Vacuum-Insulated Mug: A comforting mug full of tea or coffee is a great way to start the morning, but it’s even better when your drink stays hot for longer! Help customers enjoy their drinks at their own pace with this copper-lined insulated mug.

Dishwasher-Safe Vacuum Coffee Mug: Insulated AND dishwasher safe!? This mug does it all for the busy professional while showing off your logo in style. Features a spill-free screw-on lid, comfort grip around the middle and a high-quality stainless steel construction that everyone can appreciate.

Full Colour Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle: These insulated water bottles take the travel tumbler experience to the next level with a sleek stainless steel exterior that can outlast any adventure. Perfect for long hikes, camping trips, road trips and more, your brand is sure to travel on this bottle.

Copper-Lined Tumblers

Can anything do better than a double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel tumbler? Well, actually, yes. Add a copper lining! The copper lining has superior heat and cold retention properties—it responds to the temperature of the drink inside, holding the temperature (either hot or cold) steady for longer. It also helps distribute the hot or cold of your beverage more evenly. You won’t see the copper lining when you look inside your tumbler. The copper layers are incorporated into the tumbler’s double walls.

Branded Tumblers with All the Trimmings

Put all the fancy features, vacuums and walls, metals and alloys together and what do you have? A double-walled, stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated tumbler that will keep iced water iced through a 90-minute hot yoga class, and hot coffee piping hot through the coldest winter camping trip. If you’re customising a tumbler and want to go top notch, check out the NORRE TUMBLER Stainless Steel Cup.

Keep Your Brand Cool and Sales Hot with Branded Insulated Tumblers

Single-walled, double-walled, copper-insulated or otherwise, a tumbler of any kind is always welcome, and when it’s got your name on it, you’ll see returns on your investment long after your gift is given. Pick the style that suits your occasion, budget and target customer, and feel good about the iced tea, hot coffee, and all around warm feelings ahead.


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