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Recommended Water Bottles for the Gym, Hiking, Cycling & More

If you are shopping for a promotional product that is sure to please your customers, our recommended water bottles are a choice you can feel confident about! When it comes to promotional products, drinkware delivers results. According to an Ad Impressions Study by ASI in 20231:

  • 63% of consumers would keep and use promotional drinkware for 1 year or longer
  • Customised drinkware generates 3,162 impressions over its lifetime
  • 30% of consumers who receive promotional drinkware are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave it to them

Fitness is a top priority for many people, ensuring your custom plastic water bottles or metal water bottles are a gift your customers will appreciate. A branded water bottle can be used again and again, giving your brand maximum visibility. There are so many types of water bottles to choose from, including gym water bottles, cycling water bottles and more. Below, we show you the best water bottles to use to promote your business.

Recommended Water Bottles for the Gym

When looking for the best gym bottle to customise, here are a few things to consider:

  • Insulation: If your gym includes hot yoga or a sauna, an insulated or double-walled water bottle is important.
  • Capacity: Hydration is crucial during any kind of workout, so make sure the branded bottle you choose has a relatively large capacity. Also, consider a water bottle with a wide mouth opening for easy filling.
  • Sturdiness: Choose a water bottle your customers can set securely on a yoga mat or in the cup holder of the exercise bike or treadmill. A rubberised base or a silicone sleeve are helpful options.

Best Gym Water Bottles  

400 ml Oregon Water Bottle with Carabiner Full Colour Print

Engraved Tenere Stainless Steel Bottle with Carabiner Clip

1250 ml Ramon Sports Bottle

Best Cycling Water Bottles

If you are sponsoring a local bike race, or would like to welcome new members to your cycling studio with a customised gift, a cycling water bottle is a good choice. Keep these features in mind:

  • Water Bottle Size: The most important feature of a cycling water bottle is its size. Your water bottle should easily fit into a standard bicycle bottle holder.
  • Accessibility: Cyclists will appreciate being able to have a drink of water without needing two hands. The best cycling drink bottles will have a pop-up or flip-up lid design that allows drinking with one hand while the other hand is on the handlebar.
  • Material: Choose a shatterproof material that is lightweight and won’t break. Single-walled stainless steel or plastic water bottles are a safe choice.

Best Water Bottles for Biking

650 ml Tritan™ Sky Colour-Pop Sports Bottle

H2O Active® 500 ml Bop Flip Lid Sports Bottle

Best Water Bottles for Walking and Hiking

If your customers like the outdoors, staying hydrated is important. A water bottle for hiking is a useful gift. You can promote your brand while your recipients are walking, hiking or camping. Here are some of the key features a great water bottle for walking or hiking would have.

  • Carabiner Clip: Carabiner clips allow your customers to easily clip the water bottle to their backpacks.
  • Handle: A water bottle with a built-in carrying handle is a great choice for shorter walks.
  • Weight: Since your customers have to carry their water bottle for the duration of their walk or hike, choose one that is relatively lightweight, or even collapsible.

Best Hiking Water Bottles

Full Colour 770 ml Aspen Water Bottle with Carabiner

HIKE Folding bottle

How to Use Branded Water Bottles

Once you have customised the best water bottle for your business, it’s time to distribute your promotional gift. Here are a few ideas for getting your bottles into customers’ hands.

  • Give a free water bottle to new gym members as a welcome gift.
  • Use a premium branded water bottle as a prize at your next event.
  • Sell customised water bottles at your gift shop.
  • Host an open house or free day at your gym and encourage visitors to come with a free water bottle.
  • Instead of selling single-use plastic water bottles at your fitness studio or gym, sell reusable branded bottles at a low cost.
  • Show employees you care with promotional water bottles they can keep at their desk or work area.

Our Recommended Water Bottles Are Great Giveaways for Active Customers!

Promote your small business with the best water bottles and enjoy brand visibility wherever your customers exercise and hydrate!

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