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Benefits of Bamboo Products for Branding Your Business

Due to their natural look and feel, bamboo promotional products are more popular than ever. As you prepare for your next event or marketing campaign with personalised merchandise, you will probably find that bamboo promotional items have special appeal. Read on to discover the benefits of using bamboo products to promote your business, and what to look for as you shop. 

What Is Bamboo?

Sometimes it’s called a tree, but bamboo is actually a giant, woody grass that grows mostly in the tropics. It has a hollow stem which is used to make cutting boards, tote bags, tumblers, pen barrels and customised bamboo promotional products. 

What Makes Bamboo Promotional Items a Good Choice in Giveaways?

When you choose a bamboo promotional item such as a branded bamboo pen or a branded bamboo travel mug, you can feel especially good about your giveaway. Bamboo features a beautiful look and smooth feel. This natural material offers unique grain patterns and shading. In addition, bamboo can offer benefits that options such as plastic cannot: 

  • Carbon Sequestration: Every hectare of bamboo that is planted in the world is able to absorb about 45 metric tons of CO2 every year. That’s three times more than wood timber from trees.1
  • Land Regeneration: Bamboo can hold large amounts of water, and release it to the surrounding vegetation. This gives bamboo the ability to help the land recover from deforestation and degradation.
  • Supports Rural Communities: The sustainable management of bamboo bushes provides a livelihood and an income for generations, enabling communities to thrive.
  • Grows Quickly: Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Bamboo can be harvested every three to five years due to the high speed at which the plants grow.2
  • Light and Strong: Though bamboo is very lightweight, it is also incredibly sturdy.
  • Fewer Resources Required: Bamboo requires less water and fewer nutrients to grow than other natural materials such as cotton or wood.
  • Renewable: Unlike wood from trees, bamboo wood is unique in that harvesting bamboo does not kill the plant. Bamboo can be harvested repeatedly without cutting down the plant itself.2

Why Are Bamboo Promotional Items a Good Choice for My Brand?

Your promotional merchandise says a lot about your brand and business values. The natural look and feel of a bamboo promotional product is associated with your brand or small business. Show your brand has a respect for nature and a concern for responsible, sustainable or ethical practices by adding your logo to a bamboo product. 

What Kind of Bamboo Promotional Products Are Best?

The benefits of bamboo promotional products are the greatest when you customise an item that gets used daily. When shopping for bamboo promotional items, popular choices include bamboo drinkware, writing instruments, tech accessories and kitchenware. Here are a few swap options that combine popular promotional products with a bamboo feature:

Swap Engraved Monochrome Arlington Pen for Eco-Friendly Bamboo Arlington Pen: This appealing bamboo promotional pen features a smooth bamboo barrel and trendy gunmetal trim. Your logo is laser engraved for a natural look and a long-lasting imprint. 

Swap Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener for Magnetic Bamboo Bottle Opener: Whether you’re opening a bottle of cola or a cold beer, when the bottle opener is trimmed in bamboo, any beverage tastes a little bit better!

Swap 350 ml Astoglass Glass Tumbler for Glass Tumbler 450 ml with Bamboo Lid: Made of glass, trimmed in bamboo and featuring a reusable straw, this tumbler offers sophistication and natural accents.

Swap Round LED Bluetooth Speaker for Bamboo Wireless Speaker: Set the mood in any room with music, natural bamboo and your logo on display. 

Swap Storage Box School Box Deluxe for Bamboo Lunch Box 1000 ml: Add a natural look, and your logo, to homemade lunch at work, school or picnics.

Enjoy Better Branding with Bamboo Promotional Products

A stylish, useful product made with bamboo is one you can feel extra good about to advertise your business, school or charity. Explore all our bamboo promotional items to find the best giveaway for your event:

  • Bamboo drinkware for new employees, customers and donors
  • Bamboo promotional pens and sets for star employees and special events
  • Bamboo tech accessories for students, travel and trade shows.



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