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Brand Highlight: Parker Pens

As a French manufacturer of luxury pens for 130 years, the Parker Pen Company has long been at the forefront of reliable, innovative writing instruments. Exquisitely designed and crafted, Parker pens reflect the company’s devotion to fine writing and the importance of the written word. Find out more about the illustrious history of the Parker Pens brand and the best branded Parker pen available today.

Parker Pen History

Parker pens are more than just popular, they’re historically popular! Founded in 1888 in Wisconsin, the Parker Pen Company started as a manufacturer of patented fountain pen technology, and has maintained its reputation for quality and innovation while expanding over more than a century into other areas including ballpoint pens, gel ink pens and much more.

A brand fit for royalty, the Parker brand is famous for the Parker 51, the most widely used model of fountain pen, which, according to an article by Inkstable, was used by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. According to an article by Nanosphere, Parker pens were also used throughout history by US Presidents, from President Eisenhower to President Obama, to sign treaties, laws and other major documents.

Over its long and successful history, manufacturing facilities have included locations like Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Mexico, the USA, Pakistan, India, Germany (Osmia-Parker), Brazil and Argentina. With all this production spanning the globe over more than 100 years, you might be wondering who makes Parker pens now? In 2011, all Parker pen production was moved from two facilities in Newhaven in the UK and Janesville, Wisconsin, to one facility in Nantes, France.

Along with selling pens through retail shops, the brand offers Parker promotional pens on sites like ours! These branded Parker pens allow businesses to leverage the Parker brand to promote their own, through customised imprints of their logo or other messaging.

What Everyone Loves About the Parker Brand

The Parker brand has been associated with high quality and high performance since the very beginning, following the words of its founder, George Safford Parker, ‘it will always be possible to make a better pen’. On the brand’s website you can follow its timeline of innovations throughout history as it continually strives to provide better performance and more luxurious designs. Some of its most industry-changing inventions include the ‘Lucky Curve’ anti-leak system and ‘Quink’, its quick-drying ink, the first kind that dries quickly on paper and doesn’t need a blotter.

 Today, the brand offers popular products including fountain pens, ballpoint pens like the Parker Jotter® Pen and other major pen lines such as the Duofold, Parker Premier and Sonnet.

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How You Can Use Parker Promotional Pens

When you add your imprint to a Parker promotional pen, you can be confident your name is associated with dependable mechanics and proven design. Celebrate team accomplishments at work, welcome new clients to your business or commemorate important events and milestones with branded Parker pens.

Major historical figures aren’t the only ones who can commemorate events with Parker pens. Elegant pen gift sets are the perfect gift for executives, essential vendors and clients and others that you really want to make the best impression on. Mark the big events in your company’s history including mergers, partnerships, sales milestones, anniversaries and more with your own Parker engraved pens.

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Popular Branded Parker Pens

Promotional products are a powerful way to share your brand with clients, customers, employees and other essential figures in your business. Branded Parker pens are no exception, offering laser engraving, luxury barrel designs and more to elevate your gift-giving experience. Here are a few of our favourite Parker engraved pens that you can customise:

Parker™ Jotter Ballpoint Pen – Stainless Steel

Made for people who love a luxury writing experience on the go, this Parker jotter pen offers a laser-engraved customised logo, a sleek and strong stainless steel barrel and smooth lines with every pen stroke.

Parker™ Urban Fountain Pen Blue Ink

Perfect for turning words into art, this Parker fountain pen offers gorgeous flowing lines both in its pen strokes and its pen design. As another one of our favourite Parker engraved pens, this gift pen is ideal for anyone in or out of your company that appreciates the true artistry a luxury fountain pen can offer.



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