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Best Pens for Writing & Drawing in 2022

If you are looking to customise a promotional pen with your logo or text, it helps to know the best pen and type of pen ink for your writing or drawing purpose. The right pen choice will mean your customers pick up your pen first, whether they are note taking or bullet journaling. Below we answer your questions about the best pen for every type of use: 

What Is the Best Pen for Writing? 

For signing documents and writing cheques, a ballpoint pen is best.  

  • Ballpoint ink is quick drying and less likely to smudge than other ink types.  
  • Consider a pen with a stylus as your promotional writing pen. The stylus increases the time your customer will use your branded pen. It also gives your business a modern look and feel. 

There are many new styles of ballpoint pens in 2022. For a ballpoint pen winner with all the contemporary details you want, choose the Mineral Metal Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim.  

What Is the Best Pen for Drawing? 

If your promotional pen is meant for sketching or drawing, consider fast-drying gel ink or rollerball ink. 

  • Gel and rollerball ink deliver a smooth, vivid line.  
  • A fine or extra-fine tip is preferable for detailed drawing.  
  • Choose a pen with a pocket clip so your customers can keep your promotional drawing pen handy throughout their day.  

The Soft Touch Ami Gel Stylus Pen includes a fine point for drawing and a stylus for use on screens. This 2022 gel pen features a rubber comfort grip and a clear cap for added visual appeal.  

What Is the Best Pen for a Bullet Journal? 

In our fast-paced lives, bullet journaling is popular because it allows us to express ourselves creatively and quickly. Bullet journals are designed for lists, drawing and diary writing. No matter what your personal style is, a bullet journal allows you to put your thoughts and goals on paper.  

  • The best pens for bullet journaling allow your recipient to be creative with different colours and smooth-flowing ink.  
  • Customise a multi-ink pen or a pen with a fine tip for detailed lists and drawing. 

The Translucent Multi-Ink Erin Pen has a 0.7 mm tip and a contemporary see-through barrel.  

What Is the Best Pen for Note Taking? 

In 2022 your customers are taking notes more than ever. In today’s world we see a never-ending stream of information and content being delivered to us constantly. Note taking allows us to focus our attention and concentrate on one topic.  

  • For seminar guests and students of all ages, good note taking involves reviewing your notes. While reviewing, it is important to highlight or underline important notes. 
  • It is also helpful to add additional information or comments in a different colour. 
  • Fast-drying ink is a must when choosing a pen for note taking. 
  • Look for a comfortable grip as note taking in class can last for hours. Also, during periods of intense concentration, we tend to hold our pens more tightly.  

The Full Colour Duet Pen & Yellow Highlighter Combo allows your customers to write and highlight without switching pens. The textured rubber grip helps keep their hand comfortable through hours of note taking.  

What Is the Best Pen for Diary Writing? 

We take note of our daily thoughts and feelings through diary writing. Diary writing can be soothing and centreing. 

  • A diary-writing pen should have smooth-flowing ink for a pleasant writing experience. 
  • Choose a rollerball ink or gel ink pen for a smooth, vivid line. 
  • Choose a fine-point tip for diagrams and drawing. 
  • An eco-friendly barrel gives your diary-writing pen a natural look and feel. 

The Quercus Pen Set includes a rollerball ink pen and a ballpoint ink pen to give your customers options when they are diary writing. The barrels are made of eco-friendly cork for a comfortable grip and natural feel. 

What Is the Best Pen for Left-Handed Writers? 

Left-handed writers are more likely to touch the palm of their hand on wet, fresh ink as they write. This leads to smudged letters and an ink-stained hand.  

  • For a promotional pen left-handed writers will love, choose quick-drying ink. 
  • Quick-drying ink can be ballpoint or a hybrid ink.   

The Full Colour Inkjet Iris Quick-Dry Gel Pen features quick-drying gel ink and a 0.7 mm tip for smooth, precise writing and drawing.  

Design Trends in 2022 Best Pens for Writing & Drawing 

Whether used for diary writing, note taking or a little of everything, certain pen styles continue to be best-sellers: 

  • Look for mineral colours and a rose gold trim
  • Metal pens with a bright barrel colour and a rubberised finish continue to be popular. 
  • Stylus pens continue to be top-sellers for dual use on paper and screens. 
  • Look for eco-friendly options like barrels made with paper, wood and recycled plastic. Other popular options include barrels made with sustainable materials such as wheat, bamboo and cork. 

Enjoy promoting your brand with a promotional pen that catches your customers’ attention and is perfect for your purpose.


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