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Click Pens or Capped Pens: Which Promotional Pen Is Best for Your Brand?

When shopping for your next batch of promotional products, personalised pens are always a good choice. They’re practical and affordable, and keep your name in mind with every note taken. But when it comes to pen types, is a capped pen the best choice, or a click pen? Though retractable pens are more common, the capped pen offers a particular allure and distinct advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Below we compare click pens and capped pens, so your small business can find the perfect customised pen for your customers.  

When Was the Click Pen Invented?

The click pen, also known as a plunger pen or retractable pen, was invented in the 1950s by John F. Sullivan on behalf of the Frawley Pen company.  The first click pen patent for a retractable ballpoint pen was filed in 1944 by Marcel Bich, who later founded the ubiquitous BIC pen company! 

What Are the Advantages of a Retractable Pen?

Click pens are convenient as they can be opened with one hand. They’re fun too — we all know how compelling that click can be! And with a retractable pen it’s quick and easy to retract the ink tip, keeping accidental ink marks off of paper and clothing.  

What Are the Bestselling Custom Click Pens?

Personalised retractable pens are popular for distribution at events, customer service counters and in direct mail. Some plunger pens remain classics, while others stand out for their trendy look, ergonomic design details and extra features such as a stylus tip. Below are a few winning picks: 

Looking for a sleek and trendy style for your promotional plunger pens? This Metal Paragon Pen has it all, including a polished metal barrel in the colour of your choice, sophisticated chrome accents and your logo laser engraved for years of visibility.

If eye-catching colour is what you’re after, this Full Colour Inkjet Translucent Cabaret Pen is your go-to giveaway. It boasts the traditional plunger pen design and comes in translucent barrel colours with a chrome trim and comfort grip.

When Was the Capped Pen Invented?

Invented in 1827 by John Scheffer, the capped pen allowed writers an alternative to the quill pen. Made from bird feathers, quill pens were messy and difficult to travel with! A clean and convenient alternative, the capped pen was a welcome novelty to writers everywhere. Scheffer’s design featured a metal nib that held a reservoir of ink, and it quickly became the standard writing instrument. 

What Are the Advantages of Capped Pens?

Not only are capped pens elegant, they’re exceptionally functional. If you want to be sure to avoid ink leaks, putting a cap on your pen will ensure you’re almost always safe. You need to remember the cap, of course. Also, though a cap pen can be opened with one hand, a two-handed open is usually preferable.  

What Are Some Popular Branded Capped Pen Styles?

Whether you want the latest styles or a more traditional option, we’ve got promotional capped pens to customise just the way you’d like.  

For a trendy, eye-catching option, go for the Soft Touch Athos Gel Pen. This pen boasts bright, eye-catching barrel colours with a chrome-coloured trim. The contemporary design includes see-through cap detail, a comfortable, rubberised finish and smooth-writing Gelebration™ gel ink.

For an impactful first impression that says your brand is built to last, check out the Waterman™ Hémisphère Rollerball Pen with Black Ink. Featuring a black metal barrel, chrome trim and presentation-ready gift box, this rollerball pen makes a strong statement every time. 

And for a capped pen you can distribute generously at events and customer service counters, this BIC® Round Stic® Ecolutions® Ballpen offers you a choice of trim colours and an irresistible price.  

To Click or To Cap: It’s a Matter of Style

For quick access to ink, the click top can’t be beaten. If your goal is complete silence in the conference room, best to ban the click pen in favour of the cap pen. Likewise, if you’re honouring your employee’s 20th anniversary with your firm, a capped pen is always more special. But in general, you can find elegance and reliability — and not forgetting long-lasting branding — in both styles. Pick the style that suits your occasion, and spread the word about your brand with every line written with a capped or click-top pen! 

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