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Promotional Product Trends for 2024

At, we know how important it is for your business to stay current with clients. We’re always sourcing products that are new and trendy. Our expert merchandisers track what is popular in every industry and demographic, so you can easily find new and innovative promotional merchandise ideas for your business. Discover our top 10 recommendations for new promotional products. Each innovative promotional merchandise idea is designed to get your business noticed and give your brand a fresh look.

Why Are Promotional Product Trends for 2024 So Important?

Trending promotional products keep your business relevant. Perhaps a classic cap pen has been your signature giveaway for the past two decades. Why change now? Over time, an outdated promotional product can go from nostalgic to obsolete. If your giveaway doesn’t evolve, your brand can look old, and your customers may look to someone else for a modern solution.

What If My Business Is More Traditional?

Even if your business is more conservative or tends toward the traditional, it’s beneficial to consider current trends in your promotional products. This ensures your customers see you as a contemporary option for meeting their needs. When you customise trending products in 2024, you can show your brand is aware of new advances in the marketplace. There are many ways to keep your promotional items current. You can update the personalised pen you give to customers with a trendy feature such as a stylus tip. If you’re shopping for branded drinkware to welcome new employees, you can choose a water bottle made with recycled plastic and trimmed with bamboo. If your current giveaway is a shopping tote, you can switch to a tote made of recycled material. With so many new products coming out in 2024 as well as new options for updating your promotional products, there‘s no reason not to stay in style!

What Are Trending Promotional Items for 2024?

Start the year in style with new promotional products for 2024! From totes to tumblers, bags to bottles, you’ll find design details and material upgrades that lend contemporary appeal to these fashionable, functional gifts. Shop our top 10 picks for trending promotional products:

  1. Agora Recycled PP Tumbler with Flip Lid
  2. 300 ml Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug
  3. Branded Monochrome Mineral Soft Touch 3 LED Torch Keyring
  4. Impact AWARE™ 300D RPET Casual Backpack
  5. Budget 140 gsm Recycled Cotton Shopper Tote
  6. Reclaim Recycled Polyester Sling Bag
  7. Engraved 500 ml Impact Recycled Stainless Steel Bottle
  8. Moleskine® Classic L Hard-Cover Notebook – Ruled
  9. Electra Gift Set in Window Box
  10. Engraved Mineral Diamond Gel Pen with Rose Gold Trim

Where Can I See More New Promotional Products?

There’s no need to take big risks when you’re looking to update your branded gift for your next trade show, employee training session or customer meeting. Our experts are up to date on product trends and how best to leverage them for maximum brand visibility for small businesses on a budget. Check out promotional product trends for 2024 in all the top categories to find the product that best suits your style, budget and occasion:

  • Mineral Finish: You’ll see a mineral finish on many new promotional items this year.  For branding with a shimmer on drinkware and writing instruments, shop our Mineral Collection.
  • Monochrome Colours: In a fast-paced world, monochrome designs have a unique appeal. Add elegance to your branded products in 2024 with monochrome gifts.
  • Water Bottles: Hydrating is trendier than ever! Customise the latest trendy water bottles and help keep your customers healthy and your logo visible.
  • Tote Bags: Branded tote bags continue to be one of the most popular promotional items, and for good reason: there are so many new styles and alternative materials, including recycled plastic, jute and organic cotton.
  • Rose Gold Pens: Trending products for 2024 continue to include selections in rose gold. Elevate your small business brand by adding a rose gold finish to your branded pen. Read our blog to learn why rose gold pens are a marketing win for 2024!

Final Thoughts on Staying Stylish in 2024?

According to research by PPAI, 72% of customers believe that the quality of the promotional product equals the reputation of the company (for more, see our blog, 25 Top Statistics for Promotional Products). Stay on top of trends in new promotional items so customers associate your small business brand with contemporary services and solutions. Whether you customise a whole new gift or just update your favourite giveaway, let promotional product trends for 2024 add extra impact to your outreach this year. For all the latest, shop our complete collection of new promotional products for 2024.


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