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Build Up Your Business with Gratitude: How to Thank Your Employees

Your business is the best because your employees are the best. But do your employees know how you feel about them? Good management includes taking the time to show your gratitude to your employees, especially during times of big setbacks and long hours. Learn the best way to show your gratitude and how to thank your employees with these essential tips. 

Why Is Recognition Important?

When employees work hard, your company benefits. However, your employees might not always feel that their contributions are being recognised. When you take the time to show your appreciation for the hard work your employees put into your business, you gain the following benefits: 

  • Build Trust: When employees feel that their contributions are recognised, they feel that their job is secure, which reduces stress. Employees that feel secure are also more likely to be loyal to the company and trust their managers to speak to them about their needs and concerns.
  • Boost Productivity: It’s hard for employees to do their job when they don’t feel motivated. Showing your appreciation helps motivate them to work hard and offer their best efforts.
  • Decrease Turnover: If employees don’t feel recognised in their work, they may start looking for a new job. However, when they feel appreciated, they are more likely to see a future in your company and stay with you.
  • Improve Your Brand Reputation: Employees who love their job will often talk about it on social media. When customers and vendors read that you treat your employees well, they feel good about doing business with you and will often prefer you to brands that are not so generous.

Learn to Listen

Showing your appreciation is more than just saying ‘thank you’. Employees also value employers who are able to listen to and address their concerns. Here are ways to encourage employees to speak their mind by listening: 

  • Actively Seek Feedback: Are your employees participating fully in company meetings? Help get your employees more engaged with the success of your brand by asking for their feedback during team meetings and one-on-one meetings with managers.
  • Create an Open Culture: Every employee should feel that they can approach their managers at any time with their concerns. They should also be encouraged to share ideas that they have to make the company better so you can fully benefit from their expertise.
  • Provide Training and Resources: Employees need to be trained when they first join your company in order to do their best. They should also have access to resources for earning certifications and growing their skillset so they can grow in their career, otherwise they may feel that their job is getting in the way of their growth.
  • Reward Your Employees: Hard work should be rewarded, and employees will respond best to quarterly bonuses and raises, stock incentives and other monetary rewards. However, to get them through a tough season, you can also say thank you with personalised gifts.

Say ‘Thank You’ With Gifts

Gifts are a great way to say ‘thank you’ because they repeat the message every time your employees see and use them. Whenever they take a sip from their branded ceramic mug, they remember the lovely card you gave with it. Whenever they write with their custom company pen, they remember the kind words you said when you handed it to them. If you want to give a ‘thank you’ that lasts, here are a few popular products you can customise: 

Mineral Mia Gift Set in Thank You Box 

Gifting a luxury pen is a popular business tradition. It shows gratitude and respect for an employee that you see as a valuable asset. When you offer a pen as elegant and stylish as this with its shiny gold trim, stylus attachment, matching LED torch keyring and trendy thank you packaging, you can be sure your employees will feel truly seen as professionals in their field. 

410 ml. Insulated Elwood Tumbler 

Long working hours often create a necessity for large cups of coffee. Let your employees sip coffee and other caffeinated drinks at their leisure with an insulated tumbler bearing the company logo and your thanks. This stylish tumbler keeps their hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold through hard days, features a no-spill lid for secure drinking at their desks and offers a generous capacity to save on refills.  

Carolina Cotton Tote Bag 

A quality cotton tote is hard to come by, and your employees will appreciate something stylish for home and work use. Not only is this gift convenient for your employees, but it also allows them to show off their company pride wherever they carry it. With your custom logo fully displayed on the front, this gift will act as a frequent reminder of your gratitude while giving back to the company with easy advertising. 

You know that your employees are an essential part of your business, so make sure they know it, too! Show them just how much you care by recognising and rewarding their hard work. When you learn how to show thanks to your employees, you will open up opportunities for happier, more motivated employees who are as grateful for you as you are for them.


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