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Keys to Powerful Marketing Messages for Small Business

Having a sale? Offering a discount? Opening a new business or expanding your current offerings? Your promotional messages are the most important way to persuade your target audience to spend money with your small business. The tips below are designed to help small businesses like yours define your promotional messaging and integrate it with your overall marketing messaging. 

What Is a Marketing Message?

Your marketing messaging includes every way you communicate with your customers about the value of your company and the products and services you offer. Marketing messaging includes areas like: 

  • Brochures and business cards
  • Social copy and website copy
  • Email campaigns and direct mail campaigns
  • TV, radio and billboard messaging
  • Promotional messaging around sales and special offers

Marketing Message Examples

  • Value: An example of a marketing message used by a house cleaning service might be: “Our cleaning teams are prepared with the most efficient tools and technology, saving you time and money with every visit”.
  • Offering: Another example of marketing messaging is educational or informative copy, such as the makes and models of cars you sell at your car dealership.

An area that does not fall under the category of marketing messaging is transactional messaging. This messaging includes communication about order status, notification of a shipping delay or confirmation of an appointment or reservation. 

What Is Promotional Messaging?

Promotional messaging is part of your marketing messaging and is focused on getting your name noticed and encouraging a sale. Specifically, promotional messaging focuses on making your target audience aware of your company and interested in making a purchase.   

Promotional Message Examples

  • Limited-Time Offer: An example of a promotional message for a wedding planner promoting off-season weddings might be: “Autumn weddings are charming, and with us they are also 20% less expensive! Book us for your wedding planning by 1 July and spend the savings on your honeymoon”.
  • New Items: An example of a promotional message that introduces new or special merchandise might be: “Our New Year’s Eve menu features flaming cocktails and gold-dusted desserts you can only enjoy when you ring in the new year with us. Reserve now!”

How Do I Write Strong Promotional Messages?

Your overall marketing campaign will include promotional messaging that changes frequently based on your sales initiatives and product offerings.  As you develop messaging, keep these three tips in mind: 

  • Obvious:  Make your offer easy to quickly understand. An example is “Buy one, get another half price”.
  • Actionable: Use words in your messaging that encourage a purchase, like “Reserve now for the best seats,” or “This offer ends at midnight; don’t delay!”
  • Engaging: Speak in a friendly, active tone. An example for a heath-minded meal kit might be, “Start feeling good about your food choices; order our organic meal kits today!” An example for a pet adoption service might be, “Your new best friend can’t wait to meet you; come and play with a puppy today!”

Your marketing messaging and your promotional messaging should be clear and concise and make it easy for your customer to engage with your company. You do not need to be a great writer to develop your company branding and marketing campaign. Think of your company as a person. Your brand is your personality. Think of your marketing campaign and messaging as how you make and keep your friends. Be interesting and growth-oriented. Be genuine and keep your promises. 

How Do I Make the Most of My Promotional Campaign?

Let people know about your business or charity through advertising, word of mouth and special events.  

  • Advertise: Share your business and special offers in print publications as well as on social media.
  • Word of Mouth: Encourage customers to post reviews about your company. Offer an incentive like a discount or a special gift.
  • Special Events: Participate in local events and expos specific to your industry.
  • Customised Giveaways: A key marketing tactic that delivers exposure in all three of these areas is distribution of  promotional products that are customised with your messaging.

How Do Promotional Giveaways Help with My Marketing and Promotional Messaging?

When you invest in a promotional product that includes your logo or other marketing messaging, you are dramatically increasing the chances that a prospect will become a customer. Here are a few statistics (thanks to Promotional Products Work) that back up the ongoing value of investing in giveaways: 

  • After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people go to the advertiser when they need services from their industry or niche.
  • After receiving a promotional product, 89% of people remember the advertiser for up to two years.
  • 93% of consumers can remember where they received a printed giveaway.
  • 83% of people like to receive promotional products with a promotional message.

You can hand out promotional giveaways as a gift with purchase, at a special event or in a direct mail campaign. This ensures your message and your business will be first on the list when your customer is ready to make a purchase. Promotional products, especially promotional pens, tend to get shared with others, further increasing your brand exposure among customers and prospects.  

What Messaging Should I Include on My Promotional Products?

If you are imprinting a promotional pen, mug or tote bag with your messaging you might wonder what is most important to include.  

  • Text or Logo: If you have a logo you can upload it when you customise your promotional product. For smaller items like pens or pencils, you may choose to imprint your company name as text.
  • Slogan: A slogan or tagline helps customers and prospects easily remember what your company does. It is also important so you can advertise to people around your recipient or if your giveaway is shared with others. Include a tagline or slogan that describes your business. An example for a nail salon might be, The Best Nail Art in Town.
  • Contact Info: If you’re imprinting a larger piece like a tote bag or mug, you can include a website or other contact information to encourage easy engagement from your audience.

It is not necessary to include all of the branding elements above. When you imprint your promotional product, keep your messaging as brief and clear as possible.  

Enjoy promoting with sales, special offers and messaging that gets the attention your small business deserves! 


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