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Custom Work from Home Products

Transforming the Home Office
Prepare clients & employees to work from home with these essential items.
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Contour Pen (CTR)
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Colorama Pen (CLR)
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3-in-1 Charging Cable Set with Metal Keychain (FDN)
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Soft Touch Paragon Pen with Stylus Tip - Bright (LHU)
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Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus® (LNS)
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Go Touch Free
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11 oz Ceramic Mug (MUG)
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Spiral Flip Pad (NBF)
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Sleek Notebook with Pocket and Pen (NFG)
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BIC® Antimicrobial Mouse Pad (OFF-11697)
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Adhesive Sliding Webcam Cover (TEC-11779)
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Ear Bud Splitter/Phone Stand (TEC-11184)
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Cord Gripper (EVT-11802)
150 for $0.74 ea
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Personalized Work from Home Essentials

What do clients need to work from home? A computer, internet, coffee, and if they have kids, a lot of patience. But if you really want customers to feel comfortable in this setting, they’ll need to equip their homes with more to make it feel and function like an actual office. Here are the best customized work from home products to gift customers:

Custom Desk Items to Help Stay Organized at Home

Staying organized when working from home can be challenging. There’s a mix of home and work things around, and not having coworkers by your side means it’s often easier for deadlines to slip the mind. Offer a helping hand with customized products that enable customers to feel settled, focused, and on top of their work.

  • Custom Notepads – There will be a lot discussed over video conferences and calls when working from home. A personalized notebook such as the Spiral Flip Pad makes keeping track of important details simple.
  • Personalized Sticky Notes – Sticky notes such as the Sticky Notebook are ideal customized items because customers can use them as reminders of upcoming calls and assignments.
  • Promotional Highlighters – A highlighter is one of those work from home products that is easy to forget about but that gets tons of use. This custom combination pen and highlighter will make remembering which tasks are truly top priority easier.
  • Custom Stress Balls – It’s easier to stay organized when you’re not feeling scattered and stressed. Having a stress ball such as the Round Stress Reliever Ball in the desk can help to relieve the tension and leave customers feeling calmer.

Bring the Comforts of the Office Home

There are little things we all do to spruce up our office environment. We’ll add plants, fancy cups to hold our pens in, and post pictures up just to feel a bit more at home when at work. But how can we feel a bit more at work, when at home? Work from home life reminds you how much you appreciate little things about the office, like your mouse pad, headphones, and desk calendars. Here are some of the little joys you can send to customers to assist them in creating a balanced and comfortable work from home environment.

  • Web Cam Covers – Help customers to feel more secure in their home workspace with this web cam cover. It covers the camera on computers, and can be slid back to use the camera when video conferencing.
  • Stylus Pens – One recent benefit being recognized about stylus pens is that they allow customers to use touch screens without using their fingers and picking up unwanted germs.
  • Mouse Pads – Not only are mouse pads convenient, they can make for a more personalized workspace. Give these Full Color Photo Mouse Pads out to clients and even employees to help them transition into working from home.
  • Custom Headphones and Earbuds – Listening to music is a great way to tune out the world and simply focus on the task at hand. That’s what makes Blutunes Wireless Headphones and Rechargeable Bluetooth Earbuds with Case such useful personalized items to give out.
  • Desk Sanitizer Wipes – It’s said that a clean space works to foster a clear mind. Customers can keep their workspace clean with this canister of sanitizer wipes.
  • Phone Stand – This Stylus Pen with Phone Stand just makes working at home easier. Customers can have their phone perched beside their computer for more convenient viewing, and then use their phone with the touch stylus. Use could also give the Phone Stand and USB Hub if that would be more useful to your customers.

Give a Little Something for the Kids at Home

Keeping kids busy and happy is the most important thing for any work from home parent. Help clients by gifting them fun activities for their kids.

Our Quality Guarantee for Work from Home Products

You trust us to give your customers the best products to help them find comfort in working from home with your brand. We take that trust seriously. That’s why we offer our One-year Quality Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your customized work from home products, send back the unused portion and we’ll replace it or refund the full order up to one year after the ship date.