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    Custom Pens & Personalised Pens

    Our selection has all the personalised pens you need to make a great impression—from metal to stylus.

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    Why Should My Marketing Campaign Include Branded Pens?

    There are so many good reasons to choose custom pens with your name or logo to promote your business. These best-selling promotional products come with a winning record of success at delivering brand visibility daily at a price that works within any budget. Personalised pens are useful every day at work, school, and home. Buy branded pens for company branding, employee gifts, or souvenirs for special events. The best part of giving a printed pen is that whenever we pick up a pen to jot a note or sign a document, we look at the barrel to read the messaging. Make sure the message is from you! Customise one of our promotional pens today!

    How Useful Are Custom Printed Pens During Expos and Trade Shows?

    When you want to get your name out to a lot of people while staying within budget, branded pens are the answer. Put them in a cup on your booth, pack them into giveaway bags, or get that one-on-one interaction by passing them out to trade show attendees as they drop by. Your booth operators can also use them to fill out paperwork or sign up soon-to-be customers for your products or services. You can’t go wrong when you bring custom pens to an expo!

    How Do I Choose the Best Personalised Pens for Me?

    You can’t go wrong with any of our customised business pens, but in order to find the perfect match for your company or cause, ask yourself these questions:

    • To whom will you give these branded pens (customers, high-value clients, prospects, employees)?
    • What price point works within your budget (value pens or something more substantial)?
    • What colours fit your branding?
    • What type of ink do you like (gel, ballpoint, multi-ink)?

    Which Types of Promotional Pens Can I Customise?

    You have come to the right place to find just the right printed pen for your style and budget. You can choose all the options you’d like, including

    • Ink Type: You’ll find all the most popular ink types in our pens with logo, including gel, rollerball, and ballpoint.
    • Material: Our metal pens make a high-quality impression for your branding. They are great for special occasions and valuable customers. Our plastic pens are colourful and designed to make a big impact for a low price. We also offer branded pens made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo.
    • Price Point: We are experts at custom pens for any small business budget. From low price plastic pens to luxury metal pen sets, we put your branding front and centre at the price that works for you.
    • Special Features: Shop our business pens with special details like a rubberised finish, a stylus top, or multi-ink.

    Which Personalisation Options Do You Offer for Printed Pens?

    We offer a variety of customisation styles for our printed pens. Each imprint method is chosen to make your logo or text the star of your custom pen giveaway. Our customisation options include:

    • Engraved Pens: A laser engraved imprint gives your logo or text a sophisticated look that lasts for years.
    • Silkscreen Pens: A silkscreen imprint uses a stencil to paint your messaging onto the pen in the colour of your choice.
    • Full Colour Pens: This imprint method uses our special Britebrand imprint technique to display your logo or text in vibrant colours that cannot be missed.
    • Design Wrap Pens: This stunning imprint method wraps your logo, image, or text around the barrel of your custom pen for branding visibility from any angle. Our exclusive Design Wrap Pens allow you to pick from 99+ stock art templates to match your occasion or even use your own design. A few of our favourites are the Colourama Pen and the Contour Pen.

    Where on My Promotional Pen Will My Logo Be Printed?

    Your messaging will be imprinted on the barrel on most of the custom pens we offer. We also have pens with unique personalisation options on the clip or cap. You will find all the imprint details on the product page for each printed pen. For all corporate pens we position your imprint where it will get the greatest visibility among your customers.

    Can I Choose the Ink Colour for My Business Pens?

    Yes! Our branded pens come in your choice of blue or black ink. In addition, our multi-ink pens offer additional colours including red and green.

    What's the Minimum Order Quantity for Personalised corporate pens?

    You will be pleased to see that our minimum order quantities are designed to accommodate any size event and budget. Our most important customers are small businesses, and this means you can order just want you need without holding extra inventory or going over budget. Some of our pens, like the Soft Touch Noa Pen with Mirrored Imprint & Gift Box, have a minimum order quantity of just 10. Others, like our bestselling Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen With Stylus, have a minimum order quantity of 50. Whether your event is a small wedding celebration or a large corporate event, you will find the right quantity for the right price with our branded pens.

    When you purchase your custom pens from us, you can be confident in your purchase. We apply decades of experience in branded merchandise to every pen we customise.

    Our personalised pens collection includes engraved pens, custom metal pens, plastic pens, Stylus pens, cheap pens and design wrapped pens that are both elegant and affordable.

    FAQ's About Custom Promotional Pens

    Why Choose Custom Pens As Promotional Gifts?

    Everyone loves to receive a gift, no matter how big or small. And the best gifts to give to customers and prospects are ones that make them feel appreciated and keep your name top of mind. That’s why we always recommend personalised pens!

    They’re priced right for any budget, and you can always find the right colour to match your company’s branding. Whether you love gel pens, metal pens, or plastic pens, we have all the options to ensure your advertising has an impact.

    How Do You Choose a Good Promotional Pen?

    You can’t go wrong with any business pens from, but in order to find the right ones for your company or cause, ask yourself these questions:

    • What price point are you looking for (value pens or something more substantial)?
    • What colours fit your branding?
    • What type of ink do you like (gel, ballpoint, multi-ink)?
    • Who will you be giving these branded pens to (customers, high-value customers, prospects, employees)?

    After you answer those questions, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect advertising pens.

    How Does Customise Branded Pens?

    We offer a variety of customisation styles for our pens that are sure to make your logo or imprint the star. Here’s a look at a few of our customisation options:

    • Engraved: a laser carefully etches your imprint
    • Silkscreen: a screen is used to press the ink onto the pen
    • Full colour: vibrant, full colour ink
    • Full colour wrap: a full colour label that wraps all around the pen

    How Useful Are Custom Ballpoint Pens During Expos and Trade Shows?

    When you need to get your name out to a lot of people, personalised pens in bulk are the answer. The cost per impression is so low, you can buy a thousand of custom pens for a trade show and not break the bank. Put them in a cup on your booth, pack them into giveaway bags, or get that one-on-one interaction by passing them out to trade show attendees as they drop by. Your booth operators can also use them to fill out paperwork or sign up soon-to-be customers for your products or services. You can’t go wrong with bringing business pens to an expo!

    What Are’s Best-Selling Pens?

    Here are a few of our top-selling promotional pens that we think you’ll like, too:

    Metal Pens

    • Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus: everyone loves the Alpha because of its heavy feel at an affordable price point. Plus, it comes with a stylus at the top so it’s really like two gifts in one.

    Multi-Ink Pens

    • Lucina 4 Ink Pen with Stylus: when you need multiple ink colours in one pen, choose the Lucina. It comes with black, blue, red, and green inks that can be activated at the top of the pen.

    Gel Pens

    • Full Colour Inkjet Rainbow Newport Gel Pen: all eyes will be on your logo thanks to this colourful gel pen! It comes with an option for barrel colour as well as your full colour imprint.

    Plastic Pens

    • Translucent Cabaret Curvy Pen: incredibly affordable and great to hold, the Cabaret Curvy are the best custom pens to have around when you need to make an impression on a lot of people.

    Stylus Pens

    • Arlington Stylus Pen with Light-Up Imprint: stylus pens are always a smart idea since they allow you to touch screens hands-free. The Arlington comes with a unique light-up imprint as well!

    What Are the Differences Between Printed and Engraved Pens?

    Good question! The main difference is that printing and engraving are different types of personalisation methods. With printing, your imprint is printed on top of the pen, while with engraving, your imprint is etched into the pen. Because of that engraving, your imprint will last longer on engraved promotional pens.

    Where Will My Design or Logo Show on My Business Pens?

    While it depends on which company pens you’ve chosen, most likely your imprint will show up on the barrel. We also have pens that have unique personalisation opportunities, like on the clip or cap. These options offer the most visibility for your logo and contact info! You’ll find all the details you need on the product page.

    Are Design Wrapped Pens Good for Advertising?

    We love to recommend design wrapped custom pens because of the amount of space they provide to advertise your business or service. We take a label, put your full colour design on it, and then wrap the entire barrel of the pen with it. If you don’t have a design, you can choose from our library of free designs. That’s 360 degrees of marketing! A few of our favourites can be found here:

    Whichever personalised pens you decide to add your business name to, we’re so honoured that you’ve chosen!


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