Best Organizational Tools That Stand the Test of Time

Given the universal importance of staying organized, we’re constantly on the look-out for the best organizational tools for business and our personal lives—those can’t-miss, in-your-face tools that tell us what needs to get done to keep us on track. Yet, amidst a sea of tech-forward beeps, bells, and bings, reminder apps, and photo albums auto-compiled by our very smart phones, we still gravitate toward the life raft that is a good strong sticky note, Post-it® pad, padfolio, or weekly planner. Below we unpack why it’s important to stay organized and the best organizational tools. Add your logo to one of the products below to promote your brand while making executive function for every recipient a little bit easier. 

Why Is It Important to Stay Organized?

Something as seemingly simple as keeping on top of tasks, to-do’s, and important dates can reduce stress and make for a more fulfilling life: 

  • Put a Pin in It: Writing down dates helps to push them from shorter-term to longer-term memory.
  • Slow Living in a Storm of Speed Racers: Keeping a pocket planner or desk calendar at the ready encourages quiet, dedicated time (even if only a few minutes) for reviewing the day or week ahead.
  • Small Wins: Tracking lists and physically crossing off tasks as they are accomplished can deliver a small dose of serotonin and remind us of our forward movement.
  • Butterflies Flapping: Just like the butterfly effect where one small act can have ramifications round the globe, others depend on us to show up. Your date could be with the tax planner, the dentist, your team, or your kid’s teacher, but every person relying on you appreciates when you’re not double-booked or hopelessly forgetful with no life raft in reach (could that raft come in the shape of a Post-it note? A pocket planner, perhaps?).

Which Promotional Products Can I Customize to Help My Customers Stay on Track?

For customers, employees, new students, and more, the importance of staying organized cannot be overstated, and tools of assistance are always appreciated. Help your recipients get back to basics to get things done, while you promote your small business, non-profit, or special occasion with the best organizational tools—tried, true, and ready for your imprint: 

Custom Sticky Notes and Promotional Post-it® Note Pads

For generations now, at work, school, and home, a sticky note gets a second glance. Recipients use them to keep themselves focused, on task, and aware of upcoming dates and times. Stuck to a monitor or desk, they’re also the unofficial (and unsanctioned!) storage place for computer passwords and daily protocol reminders. Check out these for full color customization on desks anywhere:  

Full Color 4”x 6” 50-Sheet Post-it® Notes: Large enough to complete a thought and small enough to sit on any size surface, this pad keeps your name top of mind and daily tasks front and center.  

Multi-Use Desk Set: From lines sheets to sticky flags, this multi-size, multi-color set provides the ultimate in organizational notes. 

Custom Padfolios and Folders

One of the best organizational tools for business, recipients stay on track at work and on the go with custom padfolios and folders. Kick off a seminar with a promotional padfolio. Tuck paperwork into a customized folder as you walk your client to their new car or finish a financial planning meeting. We like these: 

Translucent Document Case: This budget-friendly document case, customized with your logo, makes the document inside, and the company name on the outside, seem a bit more important. 

 Leather Look 8 1/2″ X 11″ Portfolio: When the occasion calls for top-notch organization and sophisticated presentation, this promotional portfolio delivers. 

Custom Monthly and Weekly Planners

Life moves fast and a pocket planner can be just the ticket for planning ahead, making vacation plans, and keeping track of three-day weekends and upcoming school breaks. Check out these best-sellers: 

Triumph® Classic Monthly Planner Calendar: Add your name to the front of the planner and advertise your small business whenever dates are set and plans are made. We’d say that’s a smart way to get on their calendar.

Engraved Bright Prestige Weekly Planner: Bright cover colors and click-action pen make this planner irresistible. Who can resist jotting down a birthday or important date when they have this trendy gem (and your brand) tucked in their pocket or backpack? 

The Best Organizational Tools Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

While the latest apps and gadgets sometimes seem to create more chaos than they relieve, the best organizational tools stand the test of time, tech, and trends. We continue to rely on physical, handwritten organizational tools to keep our heads above water.  

Welcome new employees and new customers with a customized tool they’ll use daily to stay ahead of the game—and mindful of your small business. You know why it’s important to stay organized, and with your logo on a planner, portfolio, or sticky pad, you can associate your good name with the benefits of better planning.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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