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The Best Pens of 2019: Best Ballpoint, Gel, Rollerball Pens & More

At National Pen, we see so many pens from gel to ballpoint to metal and we all have our favorites. And our customers do too! This list of the best pens of 2019 will help you find the right option for you or your business, no matter if you’re a gel ink lover or a ballpoint fanatic.

The Best Ballpoint Pens

Chances are, the pen you write with the most is a ballpoint. That’s because of their easy writing style and cost-effective price point. With so many to choose from, this was a tight race for best ballpoint pen—we think you’re going to love these best-sellers!

The Winner:

The Pacifica Pen

The Pacifica stands out amongst the competition due to three factors. First: the bold barrel colors. Second: the large imprint area. And third: the comfy grip.

Featured Review:

“I had never ordered from National Pen and was concerned about quality when the pricing was so good. I ordered 200 of the Pacifica Pen. Very happy with the result of the print and the quality of the pen. It writes nicely and feels good in my hand. Glad to have made the purchase.” – Michel

The Runner-Up:

The Paragon Pen

Who can leave out the Paragon when talking about the best ballpoint pen? Customers love the impact their logo has thanks to the expert laser engraving on the aluminum metal barrel. Lots of color choices and the option of either blue or black ink.

Featured Review:

“I leave them everywhere I go and I have gotten calls from it! The pens look and write GREAT!!!!” – Isaac

The Best Gel Pens

Ahhh, gel pens. They bring so much to the table: smooth writing, bold, opaque lines, and quick-drying ink that is virtually smudge-proof. Our picks for best gel pens hit all those points, and even bring a few more features to the table.

The Winner:

Soft Touch Cozy Gel Pen

“Cozy” is an apt name for this pen because of its soft touch barrel and easy-flowing gel ink. Businesses love the professional colors from black to burgundy and the crisp white imprint on the barrel.

Featured Review:

“I’ve given these out at events and the response has been excellent. They come across as high end and are excellent quality, especially if you catch them on sale. In fact, I caught one man coming back and taking a handful! LOL!” – Logansama

The Runner-Up:

Soft Touch Accent Gel Pen with Colored Stylus

Look at that full color imprint! The Accent is a stunning gel ink pen with a designer look at an affordable price. Fabulous for trade shows, events, and placing at the front desk.

Featured Review:

“You have to try this gel pen. They feel so good in your hand and they write super smooth. Love the color stylus and matching trim!”


Best Rollerball Pens

What are rollerball pens, exactly? Well, they use water-based inks, making your writing sharper and more vibrant. You also don’t need to apply as much pressure when writing, which your hand will appreciate.

P.S. You can read more about the differences between rollerball and ballpoint pens on our blog!

The Winner:

Deluxe Madison Pen

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the best rollerball pen is named after a president. The Deluxe Madison Pen just screams high-end with its gold-plated trim and stately barrel colors. And don’t forget the triangular-shaped barrel that offers an ergonomic feel.

Featured Review:

“This classic executive pen has been an incredible writing tool. I use is on all my company official documents. I also purchase extras, as gifts, for associates, family and friends. All were well received. These make a great gift.”

The Runner-Up:

BIC® Grip Roller Pen

This fine point promo item makes the best pens of 2019 list because it delivers over a mile of effortless writing! The matte finish in multiple colors also adds to the benefits.

The Best Stylus Pens

Of course we included stylus pens in the best pens list. We’re always touting the 2-in-1 benefits of a pen and stylus combo, and the fact that you’re giving your customers, prospects, and employees a super functional promo item.

Not sure what a stylus is? Check out our blog post that explains what’s a stylus!

The Winner:

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus

The Alpha was a no-brainer for the best stylus pen. We’re always hearing how great this pen feels in your hand, how well it writes, and how helpful the stylus is when swiping and clicking. In fact, this pen is so popular, more versions of it in our Alpha Pens family, including different colors, finishes, and even the option for a full color logo.

Featured Review:

“One reason I bought this pen was for the stylus but I really love the way it feels in my hand. I passed these out at an international convention and received a number of compliments.” – Katherine A

The Runner-Up:

Metallic Cirrus Stylus Pen

The metallic finish will catch their attention, and the stylus tip will keep them using this pen over and over again. While other choice for best stylus pen has a stylus at the top, the Cirrus has a combination pen and stylus tip.

Featured Review:

“Look no further! The best pens are right here on this site! I’m a pen person and super picky! But these are PERFECT!!” – Shae

Best Plastic Pens

Plastic promotional pens had to make an appearance in the best pens list, mainly because of the affordability factor. These are the pens you want to pass out at trade shows and events with abandon.

The Winner:

The Colorama Pen

The Colorama takes the cake for one of the best pens of 2019 because of its SmoothWrite™ Ink. SmoothWrite is our proprietary, easy-flowing ink that will give you the best writing experience you can find.

Featured Review:

“These pens are the best. They always write, they’re strong, and they look great. Forget business cards, they end up in the trash can. I have given my customers thousands of pens over the years, and every time I go back to provide services I give them another one. Simply the best promotional item ever.”

The Runner-Up:

Value Stick Pen

The options are truly endless with the Value Stick Pen. Choose from more than 12 solid colors or one of our many stock designs to bring your brand to life. And at such an affordable price point, you can get enough for all your customers, prospects, and employees!

Featured Review:

“A customer favorite for YEARS! This year I am celebrating my 20th year in business. I can’t even remember when I started ordering from National Pen, but it has been many, many years. My customers absolutely LOVE the pens we give out!”

Best Metal Pens

The best pens are also those that feel expensive (although aren’t actually). Custom metal promotional pens have a weighty feel to them, giving your company or cause a high-end look.

The Winner:

Matte Paragon Pen

When you have a Matte Paragon Pen in your hand, you can feel and see the difference. The metal barrel is laser engraved, which means your imprint will never smudge or rub off. And how about that matte finish?

Featured Review:

“Everyone who has received one loves how they write. I smiled when I walked into bank and teller told me she loves her pen ‘it’s her favorite’. The other teller waived hers at me and smiled to show she is using it and their expressions said it all. Great bang for the buck and they last and write nicely.” – Lenora

The Runner-Up:

Sky Light Stylus Pen

The Sky Light could also be qualified as the best stylus pen, it has that many features! Besides the stylus top, the pen features a high-quality metal barrel, and a flashlight at the tip. A pen that does it all.

Featured Review:

“I bought this pen as a gift for leadership at the hospital and they loved it! The 3-in-1 pen was like a new “toy” for everyone to enjoy! Thank you for the awesome color assortment and the quickness of delivery!” – Avril

What are your favorite pens? We can’t wait to read your review of the best pens of 2019!

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