Corporate Gift Sets: More Gift & Less Giveaway this Season

Like sharing a stick of gum with your school yard bestie or picking up the tab at lunch with a friend, corporate gift sets show clients you care. Gift sets imbue your promotional offering with a sense of sincerity. Your gift moves from a freebie to a thoughtful expression of appreciation.

Provide a total gifting experience when you offer a promotional holiday gift to customers, employees, teachers, or donors. Here are a few slam-dunk business gift sets just waiting for your logo.

A Mug in the Hand Is a Billboard for Your Brand

  • For revelers, carolers, and imbibers of all types, a Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set is trendy, old fashioned and au courant all at once. Wow!
  • Travel mug gift sets are always in style, and this On the Go SS Flask & Tumbler Gift Set provides everything your lucky recipient needs for a hot coffee, hot toddy, or anything in between.

Did We Say Coffee?

  • Whether filled with coffee, tea, or another hot elixir, travel mug gift sets get your name in hand. The Thor Copper Vacuum Gift Set is one of our favorites and will impress the most finicky of tumbler fans:

When in Doubt, Food Has All the Fans

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Or cookies. Because your recipient, or someone in the immediate vicinity of your recipient is going to fall head over heels for the contents of your gift box if it’s related to chocolate or cookies. Check these out:

  • Holiday or any day, the Classic Singles – Almond Butter Crunch is a consistent crowd-pleaser. Some recipients will share this gift with co-workers. Others will tuck it in their bag and enjoy once the office is empty and the lights are low. But this box of buttery confections will be consumed joyfully by sweet lovers everywhere. And your name on the box ribbon makes it clear you know what matters most.
  • The Executive Cookie Box: Packed with six classic chocolate chip cookies. What’s not to love?

Everyone Appreciates a Pen!

Folks love a free pen. Some folks love a purchased pen. But everyone loves a pen. And if it’s a holiday, special occasion, or special client, a corporate pen gift set will always be appreciated. And seeing as “pen” is our middle name (and first and last), we have a few winning pen sets to suggest:

  • The Manhattan Paragon Pen Gift Set includes our best-selling Paragon Pen coupled with a matching 3-LED flashlight. All recipients leave with your pen in hand and your light in their pocket or purse!
  • The stately Deluxe Madison Pen with Gift Box says “special occasion” and “special recipient.” This rollerball pen with a brass barrel is presented in an elegant gift box. Say it all in style with this set.

Stationery Sets for Everyone

Every desk, whether at work, home, or school, benefits from a pad of paper, a few sticky notes, or a calendar of some kind. Consider these customized stationery options:

  • The Lotte Crocodile Print Notepad Set makes a great stationery gift set for teachers, medical professionals, financial professionals, and others for whom paperwork is part of every day. Complete with different colored sticky flags and a pad of plain white note paper, this practical, affordable gift is ready for your ad message. Make gifting easy by adding paper gift boxes to your order for a small additional fee.
  • Give your customers an annual gift they’ll count on every year, with this Deluxe Weekly Planner & Custom Pen Gift Set. Both planner and pen feature your personalized message. Add a low-cost planner gift sleeve to your order to complete the gifting experience.

The Most Important Part

A business gift set customized with your logo is designed to enhance your brand and build your business. But perhaps the best part about giving corporate gift sets is that it offers the opportunity to appreciate clients in a meaningful way. Life is busy and business relationships are demanding and stressful. An appreciation gift goes past day-to-day transactions and recognizes the human part of business.

Happy, happy giving!

P.S. Check out our other customized gift sets as well, from manicure sets to cooler sets to tool sets and more.

Karleen A.

I’m a copywriter who likes custom giveaways of all kinds, from pens to travel mugs, tumblers to totes. Fun for me is helping promote YOUR awesome brand!

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