SmoothWrite™ Ink: The Best Ink for Smooth Writing Pens

Are you a side-of-the-page doodler? An excessive note taker? Someone who needs a bold line in order to read? A leftie? Believe it or not, each of these attributes you may have calls for a specific kind of ink. We developed SmoothWrite Ink to create the ultimate smooth writing pens for every type of writer.

What Is SmoothWrite Ink?

You can probably assume it’s a smooth writing ink, but how did this ink get so smooth? No, it’s not just its natural charm. The glide this ink is known for actually comes from a mixture of ballpoint ink and gel ink. The mad scientists at wanted to see if they could combine the best features that people liked from each ink into one superior, hybrid ink.

First, they determined what draws people to different types of ink. People like ballpoint because it produces quick dry ink pens. Unlike gel ink, which tends to smear if you drag your hand across it, ballpoint ink dries the moment your pen leaves the paper. Ballpoint ink also has more resistance to its flow, so it doesn’t run out as fast. But that’s not to discount everything that gel pen ink has to offer.

Gel ink is all about creating a distinct, bold line. It gives you more freedom to write with the density you want in an effortless stroke. So, the question for our ink creating experts was: how do you get the quick drying ink of ballpoint with the easy flowing ink of gel pens?

With SmoothWrite Ink, they found their answer. SmoothWrite is a low viscosity ink that finally manages to achieve that sought after bold gliding, quick drying effect. That means it’s great for dedicated doodlers looking for a smooth writing experience, lefties who are tired of dragging their hands through wet ink, and note takers who need to jot everything down without worrying the ink will run out.

Oh, and one more fun fact for all you pen nerds in cold regions. These smooth writing pens are great even in cold weather because the low viscosity of the ink keeps it from freezing and clogging up in the cartridge.

Smooth Writing Pens That Customers Love

Okay, that was a lot of information about ink. But what do customers think? We’ve found that even with the best ink, without the right design, the pen just doesn’t resonate. For the best writing experience, you need both a comfortable design and that signature SmoothWrite ink. Here are some of the favorite smoothing writing pens that our customers (and their customers) love using:

Count on the Contour

The Contour Pen lets you feature 360° of branding. This allows you to show off your brand’s creative flair from all angles. Customers enjoy writing with it because it has a squishy comfort grip, and, of course, the signature Smoothwrite Ink.

All the Allure of a Great Pen

The Allure Pen is appropriately named. With a flat black barrel and a dash of color, this pen knows how to catch the eye. As one of our best smoothing writing pens, it has more than just looks on its side.

It Doesn’t Get More Fun Than the Squiggle Pen

While the swirling and spiraling design of the Classic Squiggle Pen is fun, it takes its writing experience seriously. The low viscosity ink allows you to squiggle all over the page without a break in the ink flow, or smudges on the paper.

All the Colors of the Wind

If you need promotional products that your customers can’t miss, the Colorama Pen is your pick. Rely on your colorful branding to grab your customers’ attention, and trust the hybrid ink to ensure they hold onto it as long as possible.

Whichever smooth writing pens you choose to feature, this ink will make sure your brand makes a positive mark with their promotions. Have you promoted with a Smoothwrite Ink pen before? Share your pen picks with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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