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Best Promotional Items of 2022: Best Promotional Pens, Bags, Drinkware & More

It’s amazing what a pen or a drawstring bag can do for your brand. Promotional gifts and merchandise are powerful tools for increasing brand awareness, building customer loyalty, and creating lasting impressions your customers will remember when it matters most. If you’re ready to start sharing your brand in bigger and bolder ways, check out our curated list of the best promotional items from 2022.

5 Best Promotional Metal Pens

Custom metal pens offer a touch of luxury in one of the most popular giveaways available, but that’s not all these pens have to offer. Our promotional metal pens feature soft touch coatings, stylus attachments, sleek and shiny accents, and more! Plus, only our metal pens offer laser-engraved logos that are made to last a lifetime. Ready to find your customers’ next favorite pen? Check out our top five metal pens for your brand. 

1. Engraved Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus® 

Shiny chrome accents and a soft touch coating are just the beginning with this stylish stylus pen. Customers will love the bold color options this Alpha pen offers to accent your laser-engraved pen! 

2. Engraved Aria Gel Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

Embrace one of the most popular accent styles on the market with your own rose-gold trim! These engraved gel pens combine modern aesthetics with the nostalgia of gel ink. 

3. Engraved Paragon Pen 

Bold and stately, the Paragon Pen collection has a lot to offer any brand, and yours is sure to stand out with a laser-engraved logo accented by these unforgettable colors and chrome trim. 

4. Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

It’s another rose gold winner, this time featuring the popular Alpha Pen and trendy mineral colors. This luxurious metal pen also features a color-matched stylus for a tech-savvy giveaway. 

5. Bright Engraved Soft Touch Maya Stylus Pen 

Brighten up any customer experience with these unforgettable color options. Customers will also enjoy the ability to switch from stylus pen to ballpoint quick as a click in this versatile branded giveaway. 

5 Best Plastic Pens

Plastic pens are a great way to offer exciting colors, bold designs, and affordable branding that you can share with every customer. Whether you’re looking for something that offers more customizable options or a new way to capture your audience, this list of top five plastic pens has something for every brand. 

1. Design Wrap Contour Pen 

This stylishly printed pen offers greater opportunities for customization, featuring 99+ free art designs to make your logo pop, or you can upload your own custom artwork! 

2. Full Color Soft Touch Accent Gel Stylus Pen 

Who says metal pens are the only way to offer luxury styles to your customers? This high-class design features a textured grip, bright color accent, matching stylus attachment, and your full color logo. 

3. Full Color Soft Touch Basilia Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

Show the chic side of your brand with this bold Basilia Pen design. Featuring a rose gold trim that shines through chevron notches, customers won’t miss your full color logo printed on the side. 

4. Metallic Vortex Stylus Pen 

Customers won’t be able to resist the Vortex Pen’s contoured barrel or the shiny metallic colors it offers. Put your logo on a stylus pen that brings out the style in any brand. 

5. Amber Pen 

A classic design with a large variety of trim and barrel color combinations, this is a pen anyone can afford to share on a massive scale. This pen is a favorite for newsletters, tradeshow giveaways, and more. 

5 Best Stainless Steel Drinkware Items

Share your brand on drinkware that can take a hit. These sturdy stainless steel drinkware products aren’t just strong. Designed with elegance and customized with your brand, these travel-ready stainless steel tumblers and mugs are designed to open up a whole new world of on-the-go marketing for your business. Ready to go wherever your customers take them, check out our most travel-ready stainless steel drinkware.

1. 16 oz. Ree Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumble

A classic favorite for a reason, this stainless-steel design features vacuum-insulation that is perfect for a hot morning coffee or a refreshing afternoon iced tea. Whatever your customers drink, this tumbler will display your brand boldly with every sip.

2. 26 oz. Iva Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Whoever thinks hydration isn’t hip hasn’t seen these stainless-steel water bottles. Featuring a stylish bullet figure and a shiny steel cap, these water bottles are perfect for showing off.

3. 22 oz. Eli Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug

Featuring bright color options and a handy slide-and-sip cap, this vacuum-insulated tumbler offers a gently contoured design for that touch of on-the-road elegance your customers will love.

4. 14 oz. Stainless Steel Noe Camp Mug with Lid

This mug is ready for the campfire or the office with eye-catching colors and a solid stainless-steel construction. Sturdy, stylish, and featuring a no-spill lid, customers are sure to love this branded mug.

5. The Vacuum Thermos – 33 Oz

Built for adventure, this vacuum-insulated thermos is ready for anything. Featuring a rubber grip on the handle, a water-tight lid, and a shiny copper ombre, your brand will be the toast of every outdoor excursion.

5 Best Budget Promotional Drinkware Items

Need something made to impress and priced for mass-distribution? These popular promotional products are sure to give your brand some serious bang for your buck. From mugs to bio-degradable straws, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our drinkware product selection. Ready to dip in? Check out these top five budget drinkware products to get you inspired.

1. Design Wrap 11 oz. Ceramic Mug

This ceramic mug is more than just an office staple, it’s designed for a fully custom branding experience! Choose from 99+ free art design templates or upload your own art to bring out the best in your brand.

2. 16 oz. Ava Stadium Cup

Stackable, reusable, and brandable! Perfect for parties, these custom cups double as drinkware and take-home goodies with their bold color options, and sturdy reusable construction.

3. Britebrand™ 22 oz. Pool Pal Tumbler

Bright colors and a reusable straw? These Pool Pal Tumblers are the perfect companion for relaxing with a cool drink.

4. Collapsible Arctic Foam Can Cooler

This can cooler collapses to fit in your pocket making it easy for customers to enjoy a cool drink anywhere they go. With this super cool giveaway, your brand will be there in all of their favorite moments.

5. 20 Pack Striped Paper Straw Set in Box

Who said straws had to be bad for the environment? These paper straws offer your customers the sweet convenience of a straw without the fear of polluting the environment later.

5 Best Cooler Bags

When it comes to marketing your brand, you can’t afford to let your logo take a lunch break. With these cooler bags, your brand will be working hard with every lunch your customers take them on. Let your business be the host for hot dinners, cold party drinks, and more when you share these cooler bags with your customers, clients, and anyone else you want to impress.

1. Expedition 24-Can Cooler Backpack

Perfect for fresh food after a long hike, this cooler backpack is easy to carry, full of storage space and pockets, and a big win for any branding experience.

2. Insulated Grayson Cooler Lunch Bag

Give your brand daily visibility with a lunch bag that’s made to last. Insulated and featuring plenty of storage space, this simple yet stylish cooler bag is the perfect gift for hungry customers.

3. Keep It Cool Insulated Tote Bag

Ideal for a quick bite on the go, this lightweight insulated tote bag is easy to fold up and keep in the car or by the door. Customers will appreciate the convenience, the colors, and your brand on the front.

4. Britebrand™ Tera Foldable Lunch Bag with Front Pocket

The perfect lunch sack for a busy professional, this boldly colored bag keeps your lunch cool while displaying your logo in full color on the front for everyone to admire.

5. Keira Cooler

This bag makes it easy for customers to keep their lunch and your brand handy on the go with its comfortable shoulder strap and fits-in-anywhere design.

5 Best Custom Tote Bags

Branded totes are easy to offer at checkout, but they can be used for so much more than just shopping. With a high-quality tote, your customers will take your brand to the library, the park, and any other outing where pockets just won’t cut it for carrying what they need. Find the style that best suits your logo with inspiration from our top five totes of 2022.

1. Water-Resistant Budget Shopper Tote

Simple yet effective, this brightly colored tote is water-resistant and perfect for standing out during a shopping spree. Keep these close to the checkout line so every customer can have their own!

2. Morris Tote Bag with Pocket

Reinforced and accented with a stylish grey accent, the Morris tote features an extra exterior pocket for keys, wallets, and your logo.

3. Medium Galina Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton canvas is a favorite for a reason. Soft yet made to last, this tote is sure to become your customers’ go-to carry-on whenever they step out of the house.

4. Tote Bag with Patriotic Flag

Let your brand show its patriotic side with a tote that perfect for Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, or any all-American event where you want to inspire your customers and share your brand.

5. Foldable Mira Shopper Tote

Never leave your customers without a tote with this convenient foldable design. Made to fit in your pocket, glove box, and more, customers can take this bag and your brand anywhere and everywhere.

5 Best Drawstring Bags and Backpacks

While we’ve got some pretty sweet laptop bags and branded backpacks, our drawstring backpacks are a great way to spread your logo far and fast among your customers. Lightweight, easy to store, and featuring your brand printed large on the back for everyone to see, these giveaways are a great investment for any business. Check out our top five drawstring bags and backpacks to help inspire your marketing.

1. Drawstring Bag with Reflective Stripes & Silver Imprint

Perfect for taking an evening run or coming home late from the office, these colorful bags feature reflective stripes and a flashy silver imprint that keep customers visible while crossing the street.

2. Everyday Commuter Drawstring Backpack

A classic design for tradeshows, college orientations, conventions, and more, this drawstring backpack is perfect for keeping your logo light and easy to carry every day.

3. Britebrand™ Christa Natural Cotton Drawstring Backpack.

This backpack brings a touch of nature to this modern design with natural cotton fabric and rope straps. Your logo will stand out in full color against the soft beige of this trendy cotton bag.

4. Non Woven Sports Pack

Slick and sporty with bold colors your customers can’t miss, this nonwoven drawstring backpack is the perfect accessory for athletes and gym goers of any level.

5. Damon Drawstring Backpack

Upgrade your drawstring marketing with this popular two-toned promotional backpack. Featuring an extra zipper pocket stylishly angled across the bag for more organized storage.

5 Best Custom Tech Products

Show your tech side with giveaways that are made for the modern world. These branded tech products are fun, convenient, and easy for anyone to use. Enjoy our collection of speakers, power banks, phone chargers, and more available here and with our other promotional tech products. Need somewhere to start? Here are our top five custom tech products of 2022.

1. Span 1200 mAh Power Bank – 5v

Offer your customers a lifeline for their most prized possession; their phone. Customers can say goodbye to living on low battery and hello to their new favorite keychain accessory featuring your logo.

2. Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker

Whether they want to share music or a movie, the one with a portable speaker is the hero of any party. Create heroes bearing your brand when you share these trendy Bluetooth speakers.

3. 4-Port Aluminum USB Hub

Whether they’re working in a home office or on-location, there’s no such thing as too many USB ports. Stay plugged in to your customer’s needs with this cool and convenient giveaway.

4. Stick It Wireless Speaker

The party goes wherever your brand is with this portable wireless speaker. Customers are sure to love the freedom of taking their music anywhere with this chord-free giveaway.

5. Wheat Straw Quake Wireless Charging Pad

Who said tech and nature can’t work together? Bring the best of both worlds with this wireless charging pad constructed with a unique bio-degradable plastic made from wheat straw.

5 Best Promotional Utility Products

The right tools can make a handyman out of anyone, so why not make your customers into DIY professionals? These high-quality multi-tools, bottle openers, flashlights, and keychains are designed to be the helping hand your customers need, turning your brand into your customers’ best friend. Get started with these top five branded utility products.

1. Gripper Multi-Tool

This all-in-one multi-tool is a DIY dream with wire cutters, long nose pliers, a file, a flathead screwdriver, a can opener, a medium flathead screwdriver, a saw, another flathead screwdriver, and your logo!

2. Engraved Bottle Opener Keychain

This engraved keychain offers a bold yet simple design that is as functional as it is elegant. Keeping cool drinks within reach right along with your logo, this giveaway is made for excellent impressions with every use.

3. Engraved Caravan 6-Function Pocket Knife

Alt text: A compact pocketknife that is easy to keep close, customers will be happy to flaunt your logo at every opportunity when they use the knife, corkscrew, screwdriver, and other functions.

4. LED Flashlight & Bottle Opener Keychain

Cut down on the pocket clutter with a two-in-one promotional keychain, featuring both a bright LED flashlight and a bottle opener alongside your bold and beautiful logo.

5. Engraved 3 LED Flashlight Keychain

You don’t have to be a DIY fan to love this handy LED flashlight. Laser-engraved with your logo and featuring bold colors, customers are sure to love this high-quality design. You can also get it with a rose gold trim for an additional touch of luxury!

5 Best Stationery Promotional Products

Get your logo where all the ideas are happening when you share your own branded stationary products! Planners, journals, sticky pads, make great gifts for busy professionals, work from home masters, and life organizers. With every note and to-do list, customers will see your brand, creating lasting impressions that just keep going. Need ideas for what to share? Here are our top five stationary promotional products of 2022.

1. Souvenir® 4” x 3” Stock Designs Sticky Note Pad, 25 Sheet

Perfect for to-do lists and quick notes, these sticky notes are a great way to help customers remember your brand while writing their own reminders.

2. Spiral Notebook with Pocket & Pen

A small notebook for big minds, this pocket notebook includes a matching pen and is a great gift for valued customers, vendors, and anyone else you want to impress.

3. Soft Touch Journal with Pen Holder

This purse-sized journal is the perfect place for deep thoughts and your branding. Featuring a pen holder and soft touch cover, customers are sure to love this pocket promoter.

4. Jot-A-Note Weekly Planner

Every day is another branding opportunity with this trendy pocket planner. Featuring a branded plaque and a weekly calendar inside, customers will love this custom gift.

5. Britebrand™ Spiral Notepad with Sticky Notes and Ruler

This notepad is its own portable office with sticky notes, a ruler, a branded pen, lined sheets of paper, and your custom logo in full color on the front!

From tumblers and tote bags to knick-knacks and notepads, there’s a lot of great promotional products coming out of 2022. Don’t wait another year to get your brand on the move; find the product that’s going to take your logo out of the office and into the hands and homes of your customers. With these powerful promoters, you’ll be making customer connections that can last a lifetime.

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