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Best Promotional Items: Promotional Product Ideas Infographic

Get your ballgown or tux ready, because we’re hosting the annual Best Promotional Items of the Year Awards! It was a tight race with so many promotional items ideas that can make a big difference in advertising your business or service. Whether you choose a custom tote bag, pen, or mug, we guarantee your logo will look great on these promotional all stars.

Here’s a sneak peek at the best promotional items featured in the infographic:

  • Tote Bags – Read about The Carry-It-All All Stars
  • Metal Pens – See more Writing Wonders
  • Tumblers – See why these are The Heavy Hitters
  • Journals – Check out The Jazzy Jotters
  • Flashlights – Find benefits of The Utilitarians
  • Eco-Friendly Items – Learn what’s Trending in Eco Advertising
  • Metallic Products – Get trendy with the Metallic Marketers

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So, without further ado, let’s get into the winners of the best promotional items…

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The Best Promotional Items of the Year

The Carry-It-All All Stars

For a promotional bag that costs $5, it will have a cost per impression of under 2/10 of a cent.

  • Tote Bags: A favorite among consumers, but also for advertisers because of the variety of colors and styles to choose from. Reusable tote bags in particular are rising in popularity thanks to their eco-friendliness.
  • Drawstring Bags: From small muslin bags perfect for trinkets to larger polyester bags made for athletic activities, drawstring bags do (and hold!) it all. Popular materials include cotton and polyester.

Shop Promotional Bags

The Writing Wonders

Promotional writing instruments generate 3,000 impressions on average in their lifetime.

  • Metal Pens: Professional-looking pens that can be laser engraved for a special touch.
  • Plastic Pens: The affordability makes them perfect for distributing large amounts at trade shows or events.
  • Full Color Wrap Pens: These full-wrap designs allow for 360 degrees of branding your company or cause.
  • Pencils: Not just your standard pencils—choose from popular golf pencils, carpenter pencils, and more.

Shop Pens & Writing

The Heavy Hitters

Gen X consumers who receive promotional drinkware are 71% more likely to do business with the company.

  • Coffee Mugs: Brew better branding with the most popular drinkware item.
  • Stadium Cups: Large imprint area for your brand and a variety of styles, sizes, and materials.
  • Tumblers: Perfect for taking coffee, water, or any beverage on the go.

Shop Logo Drinkware

The Jazzy Jotters

Consumers are nearly 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to Internet advertising.

  • Journals: Journals are typically bound at the spine and have lined pages.
  • Notepads & Notebooks: A flip-top design makes writing easier.
  • Note Caddies: These promo powerhouses come with everything you need from a notepad to sticky notes.

Customize Stationery

The Utilitarians

Consumers rate quality and utility as their top reasons for keeping promotional products.

  • Flashlights: When your brand is attached to their keychain, you’ll be in their eye line every day.
  • Light Bars: Light bars pump out bright, powerful light thanks to LEDs.
  • Multi-Functional Tools: Can opener? Check. Pen? Check. Measuring tape? Check.

See Keychain Flashlights

What’s Trending

The Eco Advertisers

More than half of consumers under age 35 have a more favorable impression of an advertiser if they gave them an eco-friendly promotional product.

  • Reusable Straws: Over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in America.
  • Water Bottles: Plastic can take 1,000+ years to degrade—go with a reusable bottle and create less waste!
  • Tote Bags: Many states are banning plastic bags, so get ahead of the trend and advertise on tote bags.

Browse Eco-Friendly Items

The Metallic Marketers

From fashion to tech (hello, iPhone), metallic is a must when it comes to grabbing attention and staying relevant.

  • Pens
  • Stationery
  • Bags

Shop Metallic Collection

This infographic is brought to you by National Pen Company (https://www.pens.com).

Sources: ASI Global Ad Impressions Study

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