Slim Pens, Thin Pens, Lean Pens & Felines: Why We Love ‘Em All

We love a slim pen. So elegant. So refined. A thin pen says you’ve got time on your hands. Maybe time on your side. Who knows. But to work with a pen of small girth requires a slight, ever-so-subtle pause. You can’t just grab a slim pen and start scribbling. We mean, you could, but it’d be tough. To clench a skinny pen is to push on a rope. Nail Jello to the wall. Herd cats. It can be attempted, of course, but the outcome might be hand cramp, arthritis, frustration, or cat scratch fever.

How Do I Know It’s a Slim Pen?

A skinny pen is defined by the width (diameter) or girth (circumference) of its barrel at the widest part. Usually the diameter is the preferred measure and the pocket clip is excluded from the calculation. A slender pen will have a diameter under 9mm and usually under 8mm (.31″).

How to Hold a Thin Pen (and Woo a Cat)

The skinny pen requires a delicate hold, a graceful dance between pen and hand. Zen-like? Perhaps. Calming? Sure. But only if you’re in the mood to meditate. If you’re not, well…. A lean pen can drive you mad. There’s often no grip area on the barrel, limited bells and whistles, and no great weight to sink into. To approach a slender pen with success, a shift in mindset is in order.

Like the aforementioned cat that resists herding, the lean pen will engage you but only on its own terms. The thin pen is no golden retriever, folks. Don’t expect anything from the lean pen except poise. Hold it lightly, write gracefully, and enjoy feeling a little rarified, a little fancy.

If Your Brand Deserves a Slim Pen, Saunter This Way!

If you want your promotional pen to look and feel as special as all that, here are a few of our favorites:

Falon Slim Stylus Pen

Sleek and elegant, and with a stylus to boot!

Soft Touch Falon Slim Pen with Gunmetal Trim

The rubberized finish makes this slender pen easier to grip and gunmetal trim lends a handsome, contemporary look.

Soft Touch Falon Slim Stylus Pen with Gold Mirrored Imprint

Elegant in every way.

Cross® Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint

A timeless classic, perfect for significant gifting.

Cross® Click Chrome Ballpoint

The classic Cross slim pen with a quick, click-action top.

Put a Collar On It!

If thin pens have given you pause (paws?), we hope you’ll select the slender pen that speaks to you–or ignores you in a compelling, inscrutable way (as discussed, slim pens are like that). Add your unique messaging, and impress your recipients with exceptionally graceful branding.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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