How to Throw the Best Office Football Party? Three Words: Football Party Favors.

Whether the hometown team is in the big game or not, throwing a football themed office party on the Friday before is a way to bring the whole gang together. Thought I was going to say “score a touchdown”? Please. Such tropes aren’t welcome here.

Anyway, back to office party ideas that’ll tackle the office doldrums. With this list of football party supplies and activity ideas, you’ll be the MVP of the office. Let’s get ready for kick off…

The Football Party Supplies & Favors That’ll Convert

Because you aren’t actually watching the game live (unless you work on Sunday, and then by all means!), it’s all about creating a sporty environment with football party favors and decorations.

Catch Mini Football Giveaways

If you don’t have mini football giveaways, did you even football? Whether you use them as décor or as football party favors, they’re a must. The Mini Plastic Football has 5-star reviews thanks to its quality and color options.

Or maybe you want to go full size. I like your enthusiasm. The Mid Size Synthetic Leather Signature Football is regulation-size 14” and is ready for a game of catch.

If the game is a nail biter, a Football Stress Reliever is much appreciated and the perfect combatant of workplace stress.

Keep their cold ones cold in the Football Can Holder. It even comes with a handy cinch sack backpack!

Mini Football Activity Idea:Do a blind taste test with similar sodas in the football can holder: Coke vs. Diet Coke, Sprite vs. 7UP, and so on and so forth.

Soak Up the Fun with Football Party Napkins

Wings, pizza, 7-layer dip—football food is messy. And when you’re eating it with your coworkers, you want to make sure a napkin is near at all times. These football party napkins are great for game day and beyond (store them in the supply closet for the next office party!).

5”x5” Colored 2 Ply Beverage Napkins come in a rainbow of colors so you’re sure to find one that matches the team (or your company’s) colors.

Classic with a touch of elegance, the 4”x8” White 3 Play Dinner Napkins are large enough to tackle all the treats.

Football Party Napkin Activity Idea: Challenge employees to guess the final score of the game. Whoever gets closest (or right on the money) wins on Monday!

A Blitz of Football Party Balloons

There’s nothing more festive than football party balloons, especially with your company’s logo on them.

These shining stars bring the fun to the party. Get your 18” Star Foil Balloons customized today.

9” Standard Balloons are totally affordable, colorful, and put your message high above the rest.

Football Party Balloon Activity Idea: Break out into pairs and the first team to pop a balloon without using their hands or feet win!

Prepping for next season? 7 Fun Football Giveaways to Rally the Home Team is just what you need. And if you’re looking for some other office party ideas, check out 8 National Have Fun at Work Day Ideas.

Can’t wait to see your football themed office party on Instagram!

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