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Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Koozie®!

From can coolers to outdoor equipment, the Koozie® brand has grown a great deal in the 45 years since it first started. This brand makes its appearance regularly at sporting events, summer celebrations, college parties, and other fun-centric events. Now, let’s celebrate 45 years of cool with a look into the history of Koozie®, check out some of their popular custom products, and learn how we can join in the celebration of the 45-year anniversary of Koozie®. 

History of Koozie®

The story behind the iconic Koozie® brand is the classic clever fix becomes industry icon, starting on a hot day in 1979, on a Texas construction site. One of the workers created his own DIY can cooler with some tubing insulation that appeared to be the perfect fit around his can. His friends quickly took up the idea, and it wasn’t long before the idea had spread from local life-hack to convenience store must-have. 

That’s when Frank Krasovec, owner of Radio Cap Company (RCC), stumbled onto the invention. With a vision of can coolers taking root everywhere from sporting events to camping, he bought the Koozie® brand and design patent.  

The brand was later purchased in 2009 by Bic Graphic, and has continued to expand beyond the can cooling industry into camping and travel gear, cooler bags, and other customizable Koozie® products that businesses can use to promote their own brands. Now, we’re celebrating the 45th anniversary of Koozie® and its growth from a life hack to a must-have. 

Ways to Celebrate the 45-Year Anniversary of Koozie®

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your brand while celebrating the king of Kool, here are a few ideas to make this 45-year anniversary something everyone can enjoy. 

Promote Outdoors

Koozie® is about more than just a cool drink on a hot day. They’ve created products to bring cool branding opportunities to all sorts of ways to beat the heat. From camping tents and chairs to cooler bags and backpacks, Koozie® is all about putting the power of fun into the hands of your customers regardless of the weather. Take your brand out of the office and out into nature where memories are made using your own custom branded camping gear, whether it’s at a big camping event or just your way of telling your customers to go enjoy their summer! 

Celebrate Your Own Events with Koozie®

Whether your business is reaching its own milestones this year or you’re celebrating a big wedding anniversary, Koozie® brings a lot to the table! From trendy wine coolers to easy-to-share can coolers, Koozie® products are compact, customizable, and ready to celebrate any occasion. Share them in take-home goodie bags at your big event or offer them alongside your own famous drinks as a memorable promotion customers will talk about for many anniversaries to come. 

Best Koozie® Products to Celebrate With

Along with our ever popular bulk Koozie® can coolers, here are some other popular products to help you celebrate 45 years of cool in style. 

Koozie® Ice Cream Cooler 

Ice cream not included. But seriously, how can you celebrate anything when your ice cream can’t last more than 20 minutes on the counter without melting? Keep your flavors as fresh as your party with a custom ice cream cooler. 

Koozie® Six-Pack Cooler Pattern 

Everyone needs a cooler bag, whether you’re prone to picnicking or just need something to keep your frozens cool on the drive home from the grocery store. These six-pack cooler bags are easy to brand, easy to store, and easy to share! 

KOOZIE® Two-Tone Beanie 

Look cool while keeping your head warm with this trendy two-tone beanie! Your cans aren’t the only thing that need a snug cover to beat the elements, but instead of beating the heat, this stylish beanie will keep your customers’ heads cozy through cold weather while they enjoy the great outdoors.  

Koozie® Portable BBQ with Cooler Bag 

If you’re looking for a big ticket item to wow your customers, this portable BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate! This trendy cooler bag comes pre-packed with a portable BBQ set, perfect for tailgate events, big summer bashes, and outdoor extravaganzas. If you’re hosting a raffle or other prize-winning event, make sure to include this winner alongside other popular Koozie® outdoor products. 

KOOZIE® Hydrating Backpack 

Another big ticket item that customers will have on their “must-have” list, this backpack is the summer gift that anyone can use. Whether you’re a practically-pro hiker or just like keeping your water close while exploring the outdoors, this backpack is designed for comfort, hydration, and style. Perfect as a prize or something to sell as promotional merch, there’s no wrong time to be sharing this super-pack! 


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