Align Your Business with Fresh Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Anyone with a spine needs a chiropractor at some point, but not everyone seems to know that. If your chiropractic clinic is top notch and yet you’re not getting the patients you should, odds are you’re suffering from a lack of proper marketing. After all, no matter how beneficial your treatments are, nobody is going to sign up if they don’t know you’re there. You also want to go about it the right way to build trust with your future patients. You need to take measures to show your potential clients that you’ve got their back, literally! To get you started right with your future patients, here are some chiropractic marketing ideas: 

Campaign Around Wellness 

When looking at how to promote your chiropractic business, you need to keep in mind both the audience that you have and the audience that you want. You already have the attention of the people who are experiencing debilitating back pain, all you really have to do to attract them is tell them where you are. However, as a chiropractic service, you want to do more than just help those experiencing emergency-level back pains. You want to get people to your clinic before the pain gets anywhere near that bad. Therefore, you need to campaign around wellness. 

People have a tendency to ignore minor back aches and pains if they think they can get away with it. What you want to tell them with your marketing is that leaving that pain will only cause more damage later on. Emphasize the importance of maintaining wellness through regular adjustments to prevent unexpected emergencies in the future. Put emphasis on any other treatments your clinic may offer as well, such as electronic muscle stimulation therapy, laser inflammation reduction, ultrasound therapy, etc. Implement this theme in your video, radio, and written advertisements to increase the flow of new customers and return customers. 

Promote and Educate Online 

The internet is the new Instacare for a lot of people who will research any non-emergency symptoms they may have. Therefore, it’s important to put educational and promotional material online that can direct people to your clinic. Some chiropractic marketing ideas that build your credibility include educational videos and articles. Teach people how to recognize symptoms for herniated discs, muscle injuries, compressed nerves, and other common sources of back pain.  

When looking for how to promote your chiropractic business, you can also give advice on how to properly take care of your back, hips, shoulders, and neck. Customers who spend more time taking care of their bodies and who are aware of their overall health are more likely to seek regular maintenance care from specialty clinics like chiropractors. Likewise, those with chronic back pain will be more likely to trust their ongoing care to clinics that show their expertise. Overall, the more you educate online, the more people you will attract to your business.  

Tip: You can also learn more about promoting with social media marketing and online giveaways on our blog! 

Collaborate with Other Clinics 

Any chiropractor knows that anything that affects the back, hips, and neck can easily affect other parts of the body as well. That means that your ticket to reaching more clients may be through referrals. Podiatrists, for example, are a great source for finding those with back problems, as anything that affects your feet or how you walk can have repercussions on the hips and spine. Instacares and emergency clinics are also good to keep relations with, as those in car accidents may need to be referred due to whiplash injuries on the neck and shoulders. Occupational therapists are also in a good position to identify spine and muscle injuries your clinic can treat. 

Become familiar with these clinics and their doctors, and make sure they have what they need to refer patients to your clinic. Informational pamphlets, business cards, and chiropractic promotional items such as branded refrigerator magnets should be provided in bulk so these doctors can easily pass on your information to potential clients. You can do the same in return by referring patients you feel may be suffering from problems that you notice but do not specialize in treating yourself. When it comes to other local clinics, if you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours! 

Reach Out to Employers 

Employers are more motivated than ever to help employees look after themselves to prevent burnout, as well as to show their appreciation. Therefore, you can both benefit when you reach out to employers to offer care discounts and promotions to their employees. Whether they’re blue collar or white collar workers, whether their pain comes from slouching over a computer or lifting heavy loads, people of all occupations can benefit from regular adjustments at your clinic. 

Working with employers can also open up more opportunities for you to educate and advertise to potential clients. Offer to provide a wellness workshop where you discuss common back injuries in their profession, and ways to care for their body while they work. This builds trust in your clinic as a source of medical information and introduces them to the benefits of chiropractic care. Send them away with chiropractic promotional products such as pens with your logocustom water bottlespromotional keychains, and magnetic calendars so they can easily remember your clinic next time their backs ache. 

Finding new and engaging chiropractic marketing ideas can be difficult, no matter how great your doctors and treatments are. But the best way to encourage patients to get the adjustments they need is to teach them about taking better care of themselves. Promote better wellness awareness so people are more aware of your practice, the benefits of regular treatment, and why ignoring minor back pains will likely end in greater stress and expense for them in the future.  

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