The Endless Branding Possibilities of Full Color, Full Wrap Pens

Everyone looks twice at full wrap designs. The full wrap treatment is used in advertising far and wide to grab attention. Could be on a car, a bus, a building…or a ballpoint pen. We’re here to talk about the latter. Design wrap pens get noticed. People twirl them in hand to check out the design, read the message, and in general, enjoy a small and pleasant distraction from the day-to-day sameness of the typical pen barrel.

What’s more, a customized pen wrap, personalized with your small business, campaign, or special event, delivers for you at a cost significantly less than, say, a complementary car wrap for every customer.

Following are a few tips for getting the biggest pen wrap bang for your buck when it comes to promoting your small business or special event. 

What Is a Full Color Wraparound Pen, Anyway?

A full wrap pen is usually made of plastic and features a barrel that’s covered completely with your design template, text, logo, or all of the above! The benefits of the wraparound imprint style include visibility from any angle, more space to get creative or verbose with your messaging, and a more compelling reason for a recipient to pick up your gift and take a good look.

For instance, imagine you can’t decide what should go on the barrel—your logo, website, phone number, email address, slogan, or street address. No need to decide when you pick this pen wrap wonder:

Full Color Business Card Contour Pen: Featuring our proprietary SmoothWrite™ Ink, this pen’s a dream to write with and puts your business card where it’s most useful—in the hands of your customer. Upload your business card and we take it from there.

Go Full Color on Your Full Wrap Pen

We love how @HungryCowLawnCare takes advantage of the whole barrel to show off their adorable logo!

Sky’s the limit when it comes to color on a personalized pen wrap. Pick a full color design template (we offer tons) and add your text, upload your full color logo, or go for a solid-color background where your imprint gets all the attention. A few especially colorful options include:

Full Color Colorama Deluxe Stylus Tip Pen With Antimicrobial Additive: In addition to the latest in full wrap design templates, you get to pick your favorite grip color for this ballpoint pen, which includes a stylus tip so customers can go touch-free on shared screens, and an antimicrobial additive to boot.

Full Color Contour Chrome Pen: A wide body and a super soft, rubberized grip add comfort to this bright, chrome-trimmed full wrap pen. 


Full Wrap Pens Keep Campaigns Fresh 

Check out how @GarciaOrganicFarm uses avocado art on the Contour Pen to catch the eye and tell customers what they’re all about!

The full wrap pen is the Hallmark™ card of promotional giveaways. There’s a design template to suit every brand, season, sentiment, and occasion. With a quarterly pen wrap bulk order you can easily keep your branding fresh and affordable, and your customers coming back for the latest and greatest in wraparound pen style. Choose a holiday theme for your winter giveaway, flowers for spring, patriotic for the summer months, and a “thank you” vibe for fall.

Full Color Contour Color Accent Pen: Here’s an example of a “thank you” template coupled with a rubber grip, jumbo barrel, SmoothWrite™ Ink and color trim, for an impression that lasts and lasts.

Tip: For more about the unique benefits of the “thank you” pen, read our blog on the topic, Why Thank You Pens Are So Popular.

Leverage the Pen Wrap for Personalization Gone Wild

If you have fun picking accent pillows, choosing a Little Trees™ air freshener scent at the car wash, or coordinating pants and a sweater that don’t clash, you’re perfectly qualified to go to town customizing a design wrap pen. Template themes include businesses, industries, occasions, holidays, color themes, and more. For a look at all your options, check out our best-selling, full color, full wrap Promotional Contour Pens, and our printed promotional Colorama Pens.  

Full Color Translucent Ombre Colorama Pen with Metallic Clip: Here’s an example of how a travel nursing company can use just the right combination of translucent, ombre, and all-around sleek to appeal to a target audience that’s professional and ready for new adventures.

Affordable Full Color Full Wrap Pens Complete Every Transaction

End every transaction with a new beginning when you hand out a brightly colored, personalized pen. This fun and functional pen serves as a daily reminder of an awesome experience, service with a smile, quality product, or memorable occasion. And the price point means you can distribute generously without going over budget.

Browse and personalize your design wrap pens at National Pen!

Sometimes the least expensive gift yields the biggest return on investment. Case in point: design wrapped Contour Pens and Colorama Pens. Tag us on social (we’re on Instagram and Facebook) with the pen wrap that’s working for you. We love to share your small business—and your creative side. 😉

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