Why Thank You Pens Are So Popular

Showing customer appreciation is a many-splendored thing. It can be shown with a hearty handshake or heart-felt smile. Extra perks also do the trick—like a free car wash, complimentary dessert, topping off a cup of coffee, or going overtime after “it looks like our time is up” has come and gone. But…. There’s something about a personalized “thank you” pen that can’t be beat.

Use it on its own, at a client meeting, customer service counter, or special event, or combine a thank you pen with one of the aforementioned perks to ensure your customer has a souvenir on hand to remind them daily that you care. “Oh yeah! This was the place that gave the kids those gluten-free treats!” However you distribute them, thank you pens in bulk, customized with your logo or special message, are a cost-effective, long-lasting way to attach gratitude to your small business or special occasion. 

But there’s another compelling reason to love the personalized thank you pen: It works when you’re not. Maybe you find it immensely more pleasant to mail out thank you pens in bulk than participate in a customer appreciation brunch. Maybe your customer is the quiet type who’d prefer a functional, unexpected takeaway to an extended “how’s the family” discussion. 

Finally, thank you pens tend to be budget-friendly as well as bright, fun, and uniquely personal. Most of ours can be customized in full color and with a choice of background designs. We think they’re good to have on hand, and some of our favorites follow. (Choose the “thank you” design you love the most from the Customize page.) 

Full Color Colorama Deluxe Pen with Stylus: Chrome trim and a stylus tip keeps this one in steady circulation.

Full Color Colorama Pen: Slim style, bright full color branding, and a price that’s right make this click-action thank you pen a good bet.

Full Color Matte Metallic Colorama Pen with Frosted Grip: This personalized thank you pen, and your full color message wrapped around the barrel, are sure to be noticed from any angle. 

Full Color Contour Color Accent Pen: Wide body and textured rubber grip mean comfort all day long, and non-stop visibility for your thank you message.

Full Color Metallic Nile Pen: So graceful. So metallic. So special. Say “thanks” with this writing wonder.

Full Color Contour Pen with Stylus: The wide body, stylus tip, and comfy rubber grip make this thank you pen a real looker. But it’s the SmoothWrite™ Ink inside that ensures it’s the favorite of every recipient. SmoothWrite Ink is our proprietary hybrid ink that’s smoother than ballpoint ink so it doesn’t skip or clump. It’s just as vivid as gel ink but faster drying. Also, thanks to SmoothWrite Ink’s easy flow, your recipients can write faster and longer. 

Full Color White Colorama Pen with Color Clip: Streamlined and graceful, this click-action pen’s a thoughtful way to say “thanks”. 

Thank You Pens In Bulk Get Your Message Across

Stock up and sit back, because from bartender to bookbinder, the thank you pen has your back. Whether you’re the life of the small business party or the silent partner tracking inventory in the back, a thank you pen says it all and keeps your name out and about day and night—even If a cup of tea and a cat on your lap is more your style.

P.S. For more on showing customer appreciation, check out our blog on the topic, 8 Customer Appreciation Day Ideas & Appreciation Gift Ideas. Also, take a look at our full selection of personalized gifts.

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