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Engraved Pen Sets: Why We Love Getting and Giving Them

Finally! The allure of the customized executive pen set explained! Your burning (or just simmering; lukewarm is fine, too) questions shall be answered. But first, a few spoilers before we start: The terms ‘gift box’, ‘laser engraved logos’, and ‘color-matched set’ are going to come into play. Read on!

Why Gift Boxed Pen Sets Say “You’re Special”

When you offer a new customer or esteemed employee personalized pens with a gift box, the intent is clear: to formally recognize a relationship, accomplishment, or moment in time. We associate gift boxes with special occasions, like holidays, birthdays, and weddings. When you add a gift box to an engraved pen set, it’s clear the occasion is noteworthy and the recipient matters. For stunning and budget-friendly gift boxed pen sets, we like these contemporary, multi-functional winners:

Two-Pen Set

Full Color Accent Gel Pen & Lucina 4-Ink Pen Gift Set: This set features a gel ink stylus pen plus a 4-ink ballpoint stylus pen, both with your message imprinted in vivid full color using our proprietary Britebrand™ production technique. Both pieces are presented in a black gift box with laminated finish. This gift boxed pen set says “You’re special; take note!”

Pen and Flashlight Set  

Alpha Soft Touch Bright with Stylus & Flashlight Gift Set: This gift set combines our best-selling pen with our best-selling flashlight. For immediate impact, your laser engraved logo can be seen on both pieces through the window lid on the presentation-ready gift box.

Why Color-Matched Executive Pen Sets Maximize the “Wow” Factor 

Like flatware, sweater sets, and (perhaps less intentionally) people and their pets, coordination is key to a compelling presentation. This applies to your personalized pen gift set as well. These color-matched promotional pen and flashlight sets take “we belong together” to a whole new level.

Full Color Splendor Pen Gift Set: This exceptional set includes a stylish keychain flashlight with a soft touch finish and a matching pen with a stylus top. Both pieces are imprinted with your logo in vibrant full color and presented in a gift box.

Diamond Stylus Pen & Flashlight Gift Set: This engraved pen set features a graceful stylus pen and a matching flashlight keychain. Both pieces have a smooth rubberized finish in the color of your choice, chrome trim, and diamond-texture detail for a pleasing grip. Your messaging is laser engraved in silver for long-lasting visibility.

Why Personalized Journal and Pen Sets Tell Them, “These Guys Think of Everything”

A pen is great. And always useful. A journal, same. But when you combine the two into a pen and journal gift set, you’re clearly out to make your recipient’s life a little easier. No need to rummage through a bag or backpack looking for the other half of a well-intentioned though “useless on its own” gift of a pad of paper or ballpoint pen. LIkewise, there’s no need for your recipient to wait until later to put your personalized gift to use. Everything they need to get started on that shopping list, dive into the project plan, capture some seminar takeaways, or scrawl down some impromptu poetry, is right there in their hands–along with your branding, of course. Our favorites:

Full Color Nifty Note Caddy & Pen Gift Set: This small note caddy and pen combo is as attractive as it is functional. Your logo stands out in brilliant full color on both the caddy cover and the stylish pen for double the branding with this giveaway winner. Add a paper gift box during the check-out process and you’re presentation ready with this impressive pen and journal gift set.

Full Color Margot Gift Set: With this journal and pen set, the notebook, ribbon marker, elastic strap, pen loop, and pen are all color-matched for maximum impact, while your full color logo on both notebook and pen keep your branding front and center.

Why an Engraved Pen Set Tells Them You’re Invested  

It used to be that engraving required a concerted investment in time, effort, and cash (our blogs on the topic, Engraved Ink Pens & Types of Engraving for Promotional Pens, and The Best Engraved Pens for Your Business, break it all down). But if you have access to the latest in today’s engraving technology (we do!), you can take advantage of the elegance and quality of an engraved message without the exorbitant price tag. Check out this winner:

Manhattan Paragon Pen Gift Set: This engraved pen set features our best-selling pen and matching flashlight keychain, both laser engraved with your logo or text in silver, while chrome accents complement your branding. The set is presented in a distinctive black gift box. 

Tip: To learn about laser engraved gifts that leverage the Cross® brand of pens, take a look at our blog, Engraved Cross® Pens Make a Winning First Impression.

Why Personalized Pen Gift Sets Will Make Your Event More Amazing & Your Small Business Bigger

If you’re celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary or a college reunion, a personalized pen gift set lets guests know they’re at an event worthy of good memories, and quality memorabilia. Similarly, whether your goal is to nurture relationships with a carefully-curated handful of clients, or to expand your target audience to include multiple locations and demographics, a well-chosen executive pen set tells recipients you’re serious about winning and keeping their business.

P.S. For more gift set ideas including mugs, tumblers, and treats, check out our blog, Corporate Gift Sets: More Gift & Less Giveaway this Season.

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