Cool Off With Custom Can Coolers!

Picture it: A perfect day at the beach, the sun is out, your lunch is waiting in a cooler to be enjoyed, and your ice cold beverage is…covered in sand? A tragedy! And even worse, it’s losing that crisp, cold flavor by the minute. No wonder your drink is sweating. Okay, now let’s picture something else: your custom can cooler wrapped around that beverage, saving it from a sandy, lukewarm fate, preserving the integrity of the picnic, and highlighting your branding to surrounding beach goers. 

That’s the power of promoting with bulk can coolers. They’re convenient for outdoor events or just relaxing at home, so they’re a promotion that recipients will hold onto—literally. Creating a stylish custom can cooler is a fun way to ensure that your branding stays in the (not at all wet or cold) hands of customers.

What Do Can Coolers Do?

Custom can coolers serve two primary functions. The first is that it puts a barrier between can and hand. No more dealing with cold, wet hands when your beverage starts to perspire. The cushioned neoprene pad ensures comfortable handling til the last drop. 

The second function of a can cooler is that it insulates the can, so beverages will stay their ideal temperature for longer. 

An extra bonus that comes with custom can coolers? Your advertisement gets seen with every sip. Whether you hand out bulk can coolers to market your bar, beverage company, or restaurant, they’ll make it possible for your business logo to be at every fun event recipients attend—from beach days to barbeques.

Best Custom Can Coolers for Business and Events

Is your company looking to promote a good time with bulk can coolers? There are all kinds of beverage holders designed to show off your branding. Whether you want your logo on a classic can cooler or a slim can cooler, we’ll explore the most stylish and popular options you have available.

Stainless Steel Slim Can Holder

Have you noticed more and more beverage companies are using slim cans? Trendy brands like Truly and White Claw have pioneered this stylish slim can look. If your market is young, it might benefit your brand to feature your logo on these 12 oz. Slim Stainless Steel Insulated Can Holders

These will prove especially useful for your key demographic and they likely won’t have other beverage holders to match this can size. They certainly won’t have can coolers constructed with stainless steel insulation. That enhances the chance of them selecting your promotion to take with them wherever cool drinks will be served.

Basic Slim Can Cooler

The stainless steel slim can cooler is, well, cool, but it also might be out of budget for your brand. In that case, this 8 oz. Slim Can Cooler might better fit your needs. Still works great for younger markets, but is affordable for any brand.

Classic Can Cooler

There’s a reason this can cooler is a promotional classic. No matter what you’re drinking, it just takes the experience up a notch. Provide these Handy Hugger Can Coolers at your next event or offer them for purchase as merchandise at your bar, and they’ll continue promoting your logo for a long while after.

KOOZIE® Can Coolers

Certain brand names convey quality, and when it comes to can coolers, KOOZIE® is a brand at the top of their game. These Deluxe Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Koolers come with the brand name sewn into the seam, so you can show off your imprint alongside quality that customers trust. Plus, the collapsible design makes this can cooler easy to slip into a pocket or purse after the can’s been tossed into recycling at an event.

Magnetic Can Coolers

Ever been on a boat and enjoying your drink, but feared that setting it down would result in a spill? You’re not alone! These Customized Magnetic KOOZIE® Can Koolers were made specifically to avoid spills wherever adventure is taking you. It’s the same neoprene design that makes drinking more comfortable, but it includes a magnetic strip to attach to cars, barbeques, boats, and more. In sum, this is the perfect accessory for tailgates, and the ideal promotion for your brand.

Bottle Coolers

Sometimes, you just want that fresh out-of-the-bottle flavor. That shouldn’t mean you have to use a beverage holder made for cans. A custom bottle cooler is made to fit the unique shape of a bottle, so your drink stays insulated and cool. This Zip-Up KOOZIE® Bottle Kooler has a side zip to easily slip bottles in and get them out when it’s time for a refill.

There are so many ways you can make sure your promotions are always invited to the party. Show us how you’re keeping the fun flowing by tagging us in your custom can cooler pictures on Facebook or Instagram!

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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