Why Won’t the Wall Calendar Die?

Google calendar, Apple calendar, Microsoft Outlook. Online calendar apps are everywhere—but the simple wall calendar persists. It’s a consistently strong seller in the promotional marketing space. In fact, a survey by PPAI Media showed that 70 percent of folks receiving promotional calendars plan to do business with the company that gave them the calendar. Wow! And also, why?

To answer this question, we started with a few analogies: Horse and buggy is to Henry Ford as Ma Bell is to Steve Jobs. Washboard is to Whirlpool as Pony Express is to UPS. We could go on and on as this is kind of a brain tickler and also reminds us of our SAT test-prep days of yore. Ah, the good ol’ days. Actually, those SAT analogy questions were traumatic and we’re glad they got the boot in 2005 in favor of sentence completion questions. But we digress. We have more important things to cover.

The thing is, like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Whirlpool and UPS, smartphones were supposed to sound the death knell for a lot of unplugged old school stuff. And it’s true that folded maps and land lines have pretty much gone by the wayside.

Wrist Watches and Wall Calendars: What’s Up?

But though every smartphone comes with a watch and a calendar, the wrist watch persists as does the wall calendar. This, despite the fact that wireless apps hands-down do a better job of tracking time and minding schedules.

Folks continue to love wall calendars for the same reason they love wrist watches. Your smartphone’s probably just as available as your wrist at all but the rarest of moments, but the wrist watch remains a staple. The wrist watch reflects the wearer’s personal taste and style. It’s a timepiece as well as a jewelry piece. It’s a testament to who we are, whether we’re sporting the always-ticking Timex or the high-roller Rolex.

Same with calendars. A smartphone calendar app may auto-load with national holidays and your Outlook calendar may keep you from missing all-staff meetings. But the personalized paper calendar tacked to the office wall or taped to the kitchen fridge is the one we often turn to for quick reference while talking fiscal quarter goals or soccer team snack schedules. A glance at the wall or the fridge just feels easier than opening up an app.

And if a wall calendar happens to have an appealing set of images or inspiring phrases, that’s the one that gets hung up. And if in addition this calendar features your very own company logo, slogan, or phone number, you’ve just become a friendly presence in your customer’s day.

Make Their Day the Old Fashioned Way

To that end, among wall calendars designed to get hung up and enhance your image, here are two of our favorites:

You can also browse our other wall calendars, desk calendars, and planners to find the style that speaks best to your brand.

Test Prep and Timeless Trends

To sum up and circle back to the test-prep analogies mentioned earlier: apple is to orange as smart phone calendar app is to…wall calendar! Kind of cumbersome (we sell promotional products, not test prep after all) but the point is…calendar apps and wall calendars happily coexist! The wall calendar is alive and thriving, giving you the chance to keep your brand in circulation and on walls everywhere.

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