• Increase Your Branding -- and Likability -- with Promotional Water Bottles

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    Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide

    Selecting the right customized water bottle for your marketing campaign can be overwhelming. We created a “Promotional Water Bottle Shopping Guide” by materials and styles to help you choose!

    Materials Used in Branded Water Bottles:

    Plastic: Budget conscious & versatile, plastic promotional water bottles are by far the most popular option. Great for everyday hydration as well as sporting activities.


    • Starting at less than a $1 each, plastic water bottles are a great for those on a budget.
    • Plastic water bottles are durable so they can be dropped, thrown, kicked or stepped on (within reason) without breaking. Kids love ‘em.
    • Trendy, higher-grade Tritan™ water bottles are comprised of heavy-duty plastics suitable for hot / cold beverages.
    • Many National Pen branded water bottles are manufactured directly in our U.S. factory, which means lower costs for you.


    • Plastic customized water bottles generally aren’t meant to hold hot drinks such as coffee or tea unless they’re specially marked to do so.
    • Plastic water bottles can retain tastes so water may have a lemony flavor if you regularly use it for lemonade.
    • All plastic products are manufactured using a chemical process. Though the FDA regulates food and drink packaging, there remains concern over leaching. Be safe by choosing BPA-free plastics.

    Stainless Steel: Durable & endlessly reusable, stainless steel custom water bottles have staying power.


    • Because nothing’s tougher than steel, you can trust that steel water bottles are made to last even with heavy use.
    • With their near universal appeal, high quality stainless steel customized water bottles make excellent customer appreciation gifts.
    • Well-insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot longer.
    • 100% chemical free.


    • Stainless steel custom printed water bottles can cost more than other options.
    • Despite their sturdiness, drop a stainless steel water bottle just right and may dent.
    • Some people report a slight metallic taste when drinking from them.

    Aluminum – Trendy & practical, aluminum customized water bottles provide lasting value>


    • Aluminum bottles are more affordable than stainless steel.
    • Lightweight & convenient, aluminum bottles often include a carabiner clip for backpacks.
    • Aluminum water bottles are the rising trend in promotional drinkware.


    • Less insulation: the coldness of your drink may not last. Not recommended for very hot liquids.
    • Dents more easily than stainless steel.
    • Aluminum water bottles contain plastic lining. They aren’t 100% chemical free.