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Power to Personalized Pencils

Thought pencils were just for teachers and school-aged kids? Think again! Custom pencils in bulk are the way to go if you're looking for a tried-and-true way to advertise your business or service. Whether you choose mechanical, colored, or traditional pencils, they all offer plenty of room for your logo or business name, and we always ensure your imprint is printed perfectly.

Specialized Types of Custom Pencils

While most pencils can handle any job, there are some styles that are made for very specific jobs, like mechanical, carpenter, and golf pencils. Before you buy your personalized pencils, let's break down what each of these do.

Mechanical Pencils: Handsome Grips & Sturdy Tips

There are two types of people in the world—mechanical pencil lovers and traditional pencil lovers. We can't deny the benefits of mechanical pencils, like the fact that they're always sharp and ready to write. Or that they always fit your grip, unlike traditional pencils which get smaller and smaller as you sharpen them. And another thing! Many of ours come with .5 lead size, which is ideal for both writing and technical drawing. When looking for personalized pencils in bulk, we think the mechanical styles will be a hit.

Standard Wooden Pencils: A Cost-Effective Old Standby

And just like there are mechanical pencil people, there are pencil vs. pen people. Wooden pencils are more forgiving than pens, and because they're a little unexpected, they make for great promotional gifts. Pencils with names are a unique way to thank customers or those around the office for their hard work. Choose from the variety of colors we offer to match your company's colors and get ready for the compliments!

Custom Golf Pencils: A Company Event Favorite

Now onto golf pencils and the most frequently asked question about them—why are they so short? Surprisingly, there isn't a definitive answer on this, but the hypothesis is that because golfers tend to throw out the pencils after a round of golf, there's no need for them to be full-sized. And if this is true, you'll be glad to see our promotional golf pencils are extremely affordable!

Besides giving out these products at the golf course, they're great for company events, too. Whether it's for a team-building game night or as gifts in goodie bags, make sure to get bulk pencils so everyone can get in on the fun.

Carpenter Pencils: Built Right for the Job

Custom carpenter pencils are ideal for job sites because they're designed to lay flat so they don't roll off work benches never to be seen again. They're also sturdy enough to write on wood or other building materials. We recommend construction companies, builders, and real estate agents buy these personalized pencils in bulk so you never run out.

Colored Pencils: Fun Pencil Sets for Big & Little Kids Alike

Why limit yourself to just graphite—go for all the colors in the rainbow! Personalized colored pencils have become a trend in promotional products because of the popularity of adult coloring books. Coloring helps clear the mind and create a calming mood, which is something valuable to attach your company to.

These promotional pencils are great for placing in your waiting room, placing in welcome bags for new customers, or pairing with coloring books as a gift for clients and prospects. We know they’ll appreciate you adding a bit of color to their world!

Shopping Made Easy for Bulk Personalized Pencils

With all these options for custom pencils with logos, we know you'll find the right items to advertise your business—from small to large quanitites. We even have a few pencils that come with free express shipping, which means we'll produce and ship out your order within 48 hours. Shop our custom pencil categories above and customize your picks today with your message or logo!