Make Writing Fun with the Best Ergonomic Pens

Custom pens are a classic giveaway for any business looking to build a relationship with their customers. Whether you’re passing them out at a trade show, handing them out with purchases and paperwork or just want to add that extra sense of professionalism to your office, pens are a great way to get your brand seen and used regularly. However, if you’re really looking to impress, give your customers a great writing experience they can associate with your brand. Whether that’s thanks to ink that glides or an ergonomic barrel, here are some of our most comfortable pens to write with. 

Comfort Barrel Pens 

Want a pen that is made for your hand? These pens feature the best of our contoured and comfort barrel styles that feel great to hold. Enjoy these unique styles on your search for the best pens to write with, whether for yourself or your customers. 

Vortex Stylus Pen 

Our Vortex pen styles are immensely popular, not just for their trendy metal barrel, but for their ergonomic vortex barrel shape that fits nicely into your hand. This pen is more than just comfortable, it also features your branding laser-engraved into the barrel, a variety of bold and bright barrel colours and a stylus end for use on touchscreens. 

Metal Triangle Viera Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

Triangle pens are not designed that way just to keep the pen from rolling off your desk. This unique barrel style actually helps with control and comfort while writing. This creates an easier and more comfortable writing experience, which is what makes all of our triangle pens so popular. This particular metal pen also allows for your logo to be laser-engraved, has an integrated stylus plunger you can use on touchscreens and a beautiful rose gold trim that customers just can’t get enough of.  

Full Colour Contour Pen 

Of course, we can’t talk about comfortable pens without mentioning our Design wrapped pens series! These pens feature a contoured rubber grip that is both comfortable and stylish. Choose one of a variety of bold and eye-catching colours to be the background for your custom logo, printed in full colour with our exclusive Briteband printing technique. If that wasn’t enough, this pen also features our exclusive Smoothwrite ink, which flows likes gel but has all the perks of ballpoint ink. 

Smooth Writing Pens 

Speaking of our exclusive Smoothwrite ink, this gel-like ballpoint ink feels smooth and easy to write with, so much so that it turns writing into your own ASMR experience. The ability to write smoothly without skips or scratches improves the comfort of writing as much as a contoured grip, so check out these popular pens for your next giveaway! 

Full Colour Colourama Pen 

Affordable, fully customisable and smooth as silk when writing on paper, no wonder this pen is so popular! Choose between a black or white trim to accent your custom design. We have more than 99 free design templates that you can use as the background to your custom logo and message. You can also use a solid background, or upload your own design for a completely customised pen. 

You can also find our exclusive Smoothwrite ink in our popular Design Wrap pens! 

Pens With Soft Touch Coating 

Ever touch a pen and wish it was just a little… softer? Well, that’s exactly what we did with these ultra-trendy pens. Our rubberised soft touch coating gives a luxurious satin feel that makes just holding the pen that much more enjoyable. Take a look at our pens featuring a soft touch coating for some of the most comfortable pens to write with. 

Rainbow Metal Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus 

There’s something seriously stylish about this stylus pen. These comfortable pens feature a trendy metal barrel, bright and bold colours that match the incorporated stylus, our luxurious soft touch coating and your custom logo and message laser-engraved into the side. The Alpha pen design is incredibly popular for corporate gifts, both for clients and employees, thanks to its shiny metal accents and sleek, professional-looking clip and plunger combo.  

Matte Metal Paragon Pen 

If you love the double accent rings on the Alpha pens, you’ll love the trendy design on our Paragon pens as well! Another popular metal pen, this business giveaway also features our soft touch rubberised coating, deep colours and your custom logo laser-engraved into the barrel. One of our best-selling ballpoint pens, this stylish pen is as visually appealing as it is pleasant to hold. 

Pens with Grips 

If you want the most comfortable pens, make sure you check out our stylish grip pens! These pens are some of our best that feature soft grips to take the pressure off your hand as you write. Hold on tight and enjoy our trendy grip pens. 

Soft Touch Camilla Stylus Pen 

Eye-catching in its design and made for your hand, this popular giveaway pen has everything you need for a comfortable writing experience. Enjoy its lined rubber grip, soft touch coating and slick ballpoint tip that glides over paper. It also features an incorporated stylus end which writes and swipes wonderfully on touchscreens, and makes for an excellent writing experience on any surface. 

Full Colour Metal Soft Touch Avana Stylus Pen 

Looking for something a little different? This isn’t just one of the best pens to write with, it’s also made to brighten up any branding experience! Enjoy premium features like a textured and tapered rubber grip, soft touch coating and a handy torch on the end of the pen! Not only can this pen be used as a torch, it also writes on touchscreens thanks to the stylus attached to the cap. Your custom logo will be laser-engraved into the side, where customers can see it every time they reach for their three-in-one pen, stylus and torch. 

When trying to impress your customers with a comfortable writing experience, you’ll want to find the best pens to write with. Don’t settle for less; customise a pen that’s stylish, comfortable and matches perfectly with your branding. Find the best ergonomic and comfortable pens for your brand and get customising for the perfect giveaway! 


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