Custom Magnets

Long-lasting, simple and cost-effective. Branded fridge magnets are one of the best ways to get your brand name out there and boost customer loyalty. With a huge range of designs, styles and colours, National Pen is the ultimate choice for affordable and effective promotional magnets.

Personalised Magnets

Durable, affordable and effective. Personalised fridge magnets are the ultimate promotional product for brands looking to stand out. From multi-functional magnets to acrylic magnets with paper inserts, National Pen have the perfect magnet for every need.

Our advertising magnets are highly customisable and allow your brand to constantly be in full view for potential customers and employees. With our low prices and quick dispatch, customised magnets from National Pen are the perfect promotional product for every business.

Custom printed fridge magnets

From trade shows and events to university student halls and school leavers. Small magnets printed with your brand logo are one of the best ways to get your name out there and keep your brand in customers’ minds. With the 30x30mm Magnetic Pin, you can subtly but effectively market your business with little effort at a small cost. From bold blues and vibrant greens to sleek blacks and neutral whites, you can choose the perfect colour match for you.

Or, opt for a more unique design with the round 40mm Magnetic Pin perfect for standing out on customer’s fridges. Large enough to print your essential brand information yet small and stylish enough to earn a regular spot on fridges and radiators. This magnet is the ideal choice for those looking to keep their marketing costs down and the ROI high. From small and sleek to large and bold, our Jumbo Magnet is the ideal size to add all of your business information.

Fun and unique designs

At National Pen, we understand that not all businesses are the same. That’s why we have a range of magnet designs to suit all brands. Clothing and sports brands will love the quirky T-Shirt Magnet. Available in both orange and white, this magnet has enough room to add your brand logo and looks great on fridges both at home and in the office.

The best way to guarantee that your magnet will gain a spot on your customer’s fridges is to opt for a multi-functional tool that will be used on a regular basis. The Rally Magnet with a bottle opener will come in handy at upcoming barbecues and parties. The bright, bold colours will also look great on any fridge. Or, choose something a little more fun with the Barefoot Magnet Bottle Opener, ideal for shoe companies and brands that want to stand out amongst the crowd.

Looking for the perfect way to stand out and get noticed? National Pen’s huge range of magnets are the ultimate way to promote your brand and boost customer loyalty. From simple square designs to fun multi-functional tools, we have everything you need to boost brand awareness on your next marketing campaign.