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‘Tis the Season for Sharing: Best Custom Gift Sets for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and there’s no better time to make customers feel special. Promotional gift sets offer an easy “A” for seasonal outreach to clients, event attendees, and employees. With all the holiday to-do’s including plans with family and friends, not to mention hitting end of year business goals, you might be looking for a custom gift set that’s pre-packaged and ready to be popped in the mail or hand delivered. On the other hand, if you have specific items in mind that you’d like to include in your gift basket or set, you might prefer to create your own gift set. Whether you’re wondering how to make a gift set or which turn-key promotional gift sets are at the top of every holiday reveler’s wish list, we have answers! 

What Are the Benefits of Seasonal Gift Giving to Employees and Clients?

When you present your customers with a custom gift set during the holidays, you’re doing much more than sharing a pen, mug, or piece of stationery. You’re associating your small business, school, sports team, or charity with the most important people in your recipient’s life—the close friends, colleagues, and family members who celebrate with them year over year.   

Who Should Get Promotional Gift Sets?

Your clients and employees should get a custom gift set, of course. In addition, when making your client list, include contacts with whom you may not interact as much. To truly show you care about your client, support the team behind their team. Make a long list to start and cut it down based upon your budget, time, and the logistics of delivery. We recommend brainstorming these recipients:  

  • Schools: Students, teachers, support staff, administrators, bus drivers, security personnel, custodians, and food service staff.
  • Charities: Donors at all levels and attendees of fundraising events.
  • Employees: Consider giving all employees the same gift or at least the same value gift. This way everyone understands the value you place on every contributor, regardless of salary, tenure, or job title.
  • Customers: Include entire account teams and support departments where possible.

What Are Popular Promotional Gift Sets for the Holidays?

These custom gift sets appeal to a broad audience including students, team members, and customers. They make great giveaways at holiday events.  

The Collins: Part hydration, part stimulation, this water bottle and coffee mug combo sets every customer up for a full day’s drinks.  

Mineral Soft Touch Note Caddy & Pen Set: Festive and functional for holiday and everyday use. Tip: Our full collection of custom stationery gift sets includes pens, notebooks, rulers, sticky notes, and totes. 

3 In 1 Emergency Tool Set: Stylish and functional, this useful handy tool set is designed for work, road trips, and around the house.   

Ava Gift Set with Rose Gold Ribbon Gift Box: Short on time and seeking a meaningful gift? This elegant pen and flashlight gift set comes in a ribbon gift box—Voila! You’re set for the season. Tip: Our full collection of custom pen gift sets includes gel and ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, flashlights, and more.  

Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote: When it’s cold outside lots of layers need lugging, and this quality canvas tote will be the one they take for all kinds of occasions.  

What Are Top Tips for Designing Custom Gifts Sets?

Make your holiday gift set the perfect representation of your customer and your company by creating your own gift set. Include proven crowd-pleasers like sweets and snacks, plus handy and high visibility gifts like totes, tumblers, and pen sets. Our favorite products for a hand-prepared gift set that’s bound to impress and promote this holiday season: 

14 oz. Tall Ceramic Campfire Mug: Hot coffee in an old-style campfire mug is sure to take the chill out of any cold morning, and keep your name in their hand and on their desk.  

Lip Moisturizer Slider Tin: They’ll have cold weather but smooth lips with this premium lip balm gift.  

3″ Satin Finish Flat Shatterproof Ornament: Include a holiday ornament (shatterproof, of course) and get your name added to their Christmas tree this season and beyond. 

Bamboo Spatula: The holidays are about cooking, or at least serving dishes prepared by the pros. Keep your name in the kitchen and top of mind all year long with this planet-pleasing bamboo spatula. 

Large Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bar: Spirits rise with every bit of this classic chocolate bar, personalized with your special messaging. Tip: Check out our blog on custom chocolate gift sets, all delicious and customized with your logo.

The Wall Street with Popcorn, Pretzels and Cookies: A little sweet, a little savory, and something for everyone on the team to enjoy.

Full Color Note Caddy & Rose Gold Pen Set: Include this notebook and pen set as part of your gift, for functional notetaking paired with the seasonal shimmer of rose gold trim, and your name in vivid full color on both pieces.

Lila Shopping Tote with Metallic Imprint: Present your gifts in this reusable shopping tote with your name in metallic for seasonal flare.

Why Should I Customize a Gift Basket or Set with My Logo?

When you add your personalized messaging to your custom gift set or basket, you increase the value of your investment for several key reasons:

  • Leave Your Calling Card: Customizing your holiday gift is like including a card with your gift that your recipient displays on their desk all year long.
  • Get Full Credit: With so many gifts being exchanged over the holidays, it’s easy for your clients to lose track of who it was who gave them the Mrs. Fields® Holiday Variety Cookie Tin or the Bodega Wine Accessory Set. Add your logo to your gift or gift box and your thoughtfulness won’t get lost in the holiday shuffle.
  • Connections That Count: Adding your imprint doesn’t only mean a logo or slogan. You can add a personal touch like calling out a successful project, annual growth, or years in business. Special messaging allows you and your recipients to share in the season’s joy and also in the success of your business relationship.

Where Can I See More Holiday Gift Ideas?

Here at we are all about lasting impressions and meaningful connections. Seasonal gifts are a great way to let clients and employees know you’re serious about showing them you care. For inspiration of all sorts, take a look at these holiday gift-giving blog posts:

  • Corporate Holiday Gift Baskets: See corporate gift baskets that your clients will come to count on every year.
  • Corporate Holiday Gift Sets: Gift sets centered around food, drink, and corporate pen sets, of course!
  • Gift Sets for Employees: Do they expect them every year? They should! Let employees take your appreciation for granted with seasonal gift sets that make it clear you care.
  • Holiday Gifts for Clients: Some are gift sets, some are standalones, but all these gifts are customized with your logo and sure to add spirit to every customer’s holiday.

How Do I Turn Bah Humbug into Deck the Halls?

Spread the cheer by playing Santa with custom gift sets and your brand’s the one that gets teams, clients, and customers in the spirit. We wish you cozy holidays and strong sales throughout the season.   

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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