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Brand Highlight: Koozie® Brand

Custom Koozie® Can Koolers are everywhere you look. The Koozie brand is stronger than ever, and they’re not just about cans anymorethese guys even make tents! Find out why custom Koozie brand products are some of the best ways to promote your small business on a budget while enhancing your reputation for quality (and coolness).  

Koozie Brand History

The classic custom Koozie Can Koolers (the kind we associate with cold drinks and good times), came into existence over 40 years ago, and the brand and product line has grown steadily ever since. BIC Graphic® purchased the Koozie brand of products in 2009 and has further expanded the breadth, depth, and quality of its offerings. Today the Koozie line of products extends well beyond soda and beer Koozie Can Koolers to include drinkware, more styles of can coolers, cooler bags, outdoor leisure items, totes, plus business and travel accessories. 

Tip: Find out more about the Koozie brand origin in our blog, Designed to Beat the Texas Heat: The Koozie® Brand Origin Story

What Makes the Koozie Brand so Strong?

When you think of the Koozie brand, most likely the word “fun” comes to mind. Custom Koozie Can Koolers are for pool parties, campsites, tailgating, concerts in the park, and outdoor events everywhere. Whether it’s wedding favors or birthdays, when the custom Koozie Can Koolers come out, recipients know it’s a celebration. With multiple generations having grown up with the brand, it brings mass appeal to a broad audience. And with an expanded line of Koozie brand promotional products that includes drinkware, totes, customized insulated lunch bags, and more, you can leverage the Koozie brand for year-round personalized gifts.   

Koozie Brand Key Features

Many companies use custom Koozie brand products as promotional giveaways because they tend to be budget friendly and high quality while offering prominent visibility. Noteworthy characteristics of Koozie brand products include: 

  • Function: The flagship Koozie brand product, the Koozie® Can Kooler is used to insulate a chilled beverage from warming by warm air, sunlight, and body heat. Using a Koozie Can Kooler reduces the rate at which a drink warms by up to 50%.
  • Convenience: The Koozie® Can Kooler is almost always collapsible, making it easy to tuck in a pocket, bring to a trade show, or include in a direct mail campaign.
  • Staying Power: Unless cold beer goes out of style in room temp cola starts to trend, your investment in a custom Koozie® Can Kooler will hold its value for years.
  • Contemporary Materials and Styles: Koozie brand continuously innovates so its products stay ahead of the curve. Materials used in Koozie Can Koolers and other products now include leather, neoprene, rubber, polyester, vinyl, and various foams. There are Koozie Can Koolers with zippers, scalloped edges, and carabiners. Size options have expanded as well, to include water bottles and longnecks.

Leverage The Koozie Brand to Promote Your Own

Koozie brand products are made with quality materials and water-resistant construction, offering something suitable for any event and budget. From Koozie Can Koolers at a beer garden to Koozie brand lunch bags on a field trip, the Koozie brand means quality. We like these: 

Collapsible Koozie® Can Kooler: Pick your favorite color, add your logo or event name, and your brand and beverage are as cool as can be.   

Koozie® Zippered Insulated Grocery Tote: Treat your customers to a superior shopping experience, beach day, or picnic in the park, with this insulated grocery tote.  

Koozie® Campfire Can Kooler: There’s nothing cooler than the great outdoors and this camp-inspired Koozie Can Kooler will ensure your name’s around every campfire.  

Koozie® Clean Edge Kooler: For work, school, and travel, this cooler keeps lunch at temperature and gives your brand at seat at the table. 


Zip-Up Bottle KOOZIE® Kooler: They’ll zip their beer or soda right up into this Koozie Kooler in bright colors that get your name noticed at every party.  

The Original Koozie® Can Kooler: This classic comes with thick walls, bright colors, and the familiar look we’ve come to love. Add your messaging and let the memories get made.  

Keep Your Branding Cool with Even More Custom Koozie Brand Products

See all the Koozie brand promotional products, including tents, backpacks, BBQ, binoculars, coolers, and more. For can coolers in particular, check out our promotional Koozie Can Koolers to find the perfect fit for your event, budget, and beverage. Cheers!

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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