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Restaurant Leadership Conference Giveaway Ideas

With up to 2,000 people expected to attend this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference, this event is a fantastic opportunity to get your name out there on a much larger scale and at a lower cost than you could with day-to-day marketing efforts. Of course, everyone who attends a conference like this shows up expecting swag—the key is to find the right restaurant giveaway ideas to promote your brand by grabbing their interest and holding it long after the conference ends.

Fortunately for you, swag is kind of our thing. Actually, it’s literally our thing—for more than 50 years we’ve built our business on building businesses like yours by creating and recommending the ideal promotional items and gifts.

When it comes to RLC giveaways, we’ve decided to offer you two approaches—you can go the more traditional route with smaller-budget items to hand out to everybody, or you can be a bit more strategic with your swag and where you offer it to get a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

Go-To’s: Budget-Friendly Restaurant Conference Swag

You know that many of the people who attend this conference, whether they are chefs, restaurant managers, suppliers, or owners, are foodies. So why not speak to their hearts with some fun promotional kitchen products customized with your logo?

What’s another thing you know will be a given at Restaurant Leadership Conference 2019? Eating! While discussing the delicious offerings at the show is a great way to network, sticky hands or onion breath are an easy way to make the wrong impression. Help attendees avoid these faux pas by handing out custom-printed hand sanitizer or a tin of custom breath mints large enough to keep them fresh all week long.

Think Outside the Take-out Box: A Unique Approach to Giveaways for the Restaurant Leadership Conference

While the above are more budget-friendly items you can hand out at the conference this year, we think the niche where you (and your swag) can make the biggest impact is the ancillary events. In addition to the main conference, visitors will also be welcome to join in the RLC Golf Tournament, RLC Hiking Excursion, RLC Tennis Tournament, and the RLC Running Club Networking Event.

There’ll be fewer attendees at each of these side events, but there will also be fewer people handing out giveaways. This means you have a golden opportunity to increase your brand visibility with these crowds, so consider investing in some higher-ticket items to hand out.

Remember: Restaurant Leadership Conference 2019 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s likely to be sunny and hot the entire week—so capitalize on the weather and offer promotional gifts that will keep folks cool and well-prepared for outdoor events. What about…

When they need a break from all of the tasty treats, many attendees will be looking to get moving and enjoy some fresh air. This is where you and your brand can really shine!

Swag for the RLC: What’s It Gonna Be?

This year, you can stick with tried-and-true swag for the Restaurant Leadership Conference or consider some less traditional restaurant giveaway ideas for RLC as the best way to maximize your brand visibility and stand out in the crowd.

We think either approach is a winner—it’s really about your brand and your budget. Whatever you choose, you can count on us to have the ideal promotional gift to meet all of your needs.

Katie H.

Katie in a nutshell? Well, for a start, she thinks custom pens are just about the coolest thing ever. Don’t you?

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