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The Best Engraved Pens for Your Business

Whether you’re opening a new business, entering a new market, celebrating an event or expressing thanks to customers, clients or donors, an engraved pen makes a strong statement. Engraving lends your messaging — and the pen on which it’s presented — an air of permanence other imprint methods don’t always provide. 

And making a lasting impression on your target audience is not just reserved for those with large budgets or high-value clients. The process of engraving a pen today is much faster and more affordable than ever. 

Technologically we’ve gone from labour-intensive manual engraving, to computer-aided rotary (drill) engraving, to today’s light-beam-driven laser engraving. The latter can accommodate precise details and myriad fonts, so you can customise your engraved pen with personalised text plus a detailed logo. 

My Business Needs an Engraved Pen. Help Me Pick a Winner! 

Whether you’re looking for good value, elegant presentation or trendy design, there’s an engraved gift pen to suit your style. If you’re looking for the best engraved pen, take a look at a few of our favourites: 

Mineral Metal Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim 

Metal Sky Light Stylus Pen 

Manhattan Gift Set  

Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen with Pouch  

Metal Falon Slim Stylus Pen  

Aloha Bamboo Pen  

Soft Touch Noa Pen with Mirrored Imprint & Gift Box  

Check out our full collection of engraved pens, including engraved Parker pens for a high-end gift. 

I Found the Best Engraved Pen. Now What Should I Write? 

If you’re a traditionalist you might choose to engrave your company name and, if space permits, your slogan, website, phone number or physical address. 

If you feel more creative or you’re focused on a specific event, consider other options. Think about what action you want the recipient of the pen to take, and craft a message that encourages that action. Here are a few suggestions to kick off your brainstorm: 

  • We earn your business every day 
  • Lost faith in customer service? Give us a call. 
  • You’re one call away from [[a great tune-up, a great haircut, a great workout, great service, etc.]] 
  • If you’re reading this pen, leave us a review! 
  • We appreciate your support as we re-open! 
  • Don’t sign another invoice until you call us for a quote! 

However you personalise your pens, you can be confident that engraving gives your message staying power. 

There’s an Engraved Pen for Every Business! 

With today’s engraving technology the best engraved pens fit within most budgets. Find the engraved pen gift set that speaks to you and let it speak to your customers with custom engraving. Let us know how you personalise yours by tagging us on Facebook


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