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Best Laser-Engraved Gifts for Sophisticated Branding

If you’re looking to add elegance and importance to a branded promotional product, laser-engraved gifts are a great choice. Find out the unique benefits laser-engraved promotional products offer, and use our engraving tips to ensure your branding looks its best. Plus, from luxurious engraved fountain pens to practical engraved bottle openers, we’ll show you the trendiest laser-engraved gifts for your next event or campaign.

What Is Laser Engraving?

Engraving is marking a design onto a hard surface by cutting grooves into it with a steel tool or chisel. Engraving methods include hand, machine, rotary and laser. Laser engraving uses a hot beam of light to cut by melting or vaporising away the surface of the material. Compared to hand engraving, laser engraving requires more space for the necessary laser-engraving products and machinery. It’s currently one of the most popular engraving methods for gifts and giveaways because it’s cost-effective, fast and long-lasting. This makes laser-engraved gifts an easy way to add elegance and staying power to your branded merch.

What Are the Advantages of Laser-Engraved Promotional Products?

Laser engraving adds a permanence to your branding that gives it extra importance and makes your gift more meaningful. Popular occasions for an engraved promotional product include anniversaries and reunions, and they can also be gifted to employees you want to recognise as well as high-value clients.

What Are Some Engraving Tips for My Laser-Engraved Gifts?

Laser engraving adds a sophistication to your promotional gift. Leverage the sleek look of your laser-engraved branding by keeping these engraving tips in mind:

  • Essentials Only: Stick to the basics, like your name and the occasion, and only include a URL or phone number if you can do so without cramming the information in. Limit the lines of text so your message is as elegant as your engraving.
  • Stick to Simple Fonts: Avoid complicated fonts and use uppercase letters to make reading easy.
  • Add an Emblem: If you’re celebrating an anniversary, consider an anniversary pen like the Alpha Soft Touch Stylus Pen with Rose Gold Trim – Anniversary/Cliché. This pen comes with the anniversary year you choose engraved into the barrel alongside your logo.

What Materials Are Best to Use for Laser-Engraved Gifts?

The best laser-engraving materials are metal, rubber, glass and wood. Many of our laser-engraved pens feature a soft touch rubberised finish with anodised aluminium underneath. This means your branded imprint is engraved into the soft touch finish, revealing your logo in the colour of the underlying metal — usually silver, gold or mirrored. This process enhances contrast and gives you many more colour options for your luxury engraved pens, pen sets or other laser-engraved promotional products.

What Are the Best Laser-Engraved Promotional Products?

Laser-engraved gifts are a great way to enhance your special event, recognise employees, welcome new customers or thank donors to your charity. These product categories offer excellent laser-engraving options while also being favourite products among recipients:

  • Bags: Elevate your branding with totes and bags featuring your laser-engraved logo on a metal label at the front.
  • Chopping Boards: A little logo with that charcuterie, folks? Get your branding into the kitchen and onto the table with these laser-engraved chopping boards.
  • Drinkware: Some of the trendiest new options in tumblers and travel mugs offer laser-engraved imprints for extra staying power.
  • Keyrings: The price is right and the visibility is high for laser-engraved keyrings of all kinds.
  • Pens: This Paragon Pen and Stylus Tip 360° Laser Engraved features an engraved imprint and a stylus tip so your customers can enjoy your gift while writing on paper and swiping on touchscreens. The Engraved Mineral Avery Stylus Pen features a professional cap pen design, a comfortable grip and trendy mineral colours that complement your laser-engraved imprint for a rich and lasting impression. Tip: Browse our full collection of branded engraved pens for the perfect match for your occasion, recipient and branding style.
  • Plaques: The engraved items we know and love include plaques and trophies of all kinds, from a golf tournament trophy to a star employee paperweight!
  • Stationery & Planners: Give customers an easy way to make lists and remember appointments while presenting your laser-engraved logo with every note taken!
  • Tech Accessories: This Swivel USB Laser Engraved – 64GB is ready for daily use, and long-term branding! Tip: Check out our full collection of branded USB sticks for your perfect match.

Why Choose Laser Engraving?

Today’s technology and economies of scale make laser-engraved gifts an affordable option for budgets of all sizes and occasions of all kinds. Enjoy the added elegance of a laser-engraved promotional product, and the lasting visibility an engraved imprint delivers.

Looking to Learn More About Imprint Options?

For information on other imprint options including laser engraving, foil printing, pad printing, embroidery and more, check out our blog: What Is an Imprint and Which One Is Best for Promotional Gifts.


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