What Makes the World’s Most Expensive Pen So Luxurious?

And Can Your Promotional Pen Compete?

Do you ever wonder, “What’s the most expensive pen in the world?” Here at, we do! After all, it is part of our job. We offer a wide selection of promotional products, including the best pens for advertising your small business. We know which materials are best, which ink types are best, and which colours are best to draw attention to your brand. When it comes to the most expensive pen in the world, we’ve found that there are lessons that apply to the most effective promotional pens as well. 

The World’s Most Expensive Fountain Pen Has It All

Welcome to the Aurora Diamante fountain pen. Not only is the Aurora Diamante the world’s most expensive fountain pen, it also takes the prize for the world’s most expensive pen overall, including ballpoint, gel, and rollerball pens. Let’s discuss what makes it so appealing and almost priceless, and find out what this gem of a pen can teach us about picking the perfect promotional pen. (The best news is that your promotional pen doesn’t require a diamond-encrusted barrel to bring new customers to your business.)  

What Makes the Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen the Most Expensive Pen in the World?

This amazing writing instrument costs about £1.25 million — for just one single pen! (No minimum order quantity here.) You can’t find a pricier pen, and for good reason: 

  • Barrel: The barrel of the Aurora Diamante fountain pen is made of pure platinum.
  • Detail: As if a platinum pen barrel isn’t impressive enough, the barrel of the world’s most expensive pen is also encrusted with 1,919 De Beers diamonds. With more than 30 carats worth of diamonds, the most expensive pen in the world may also be the heaviest!
  • Nib and Ink: The world’s most expensive fountain pen ensures a flawless ink-to-paper application with premium ink and a nib made of 18-karat gold.

Can I Customise the World’s Most Expensive Pen?

The Italian-based Aurora Company, established in Turin in 1919, is willing to personalise this pen with your portrait, signature, coat of arms or business logo. However, you won’t see it for sale on our site because we cannot guarantee availability: each pen takes about two years to make, and only one of these pens is available for purchase every year. Though we like to offer exclusive pens, we suspect the price tag, lead time and extremely limited quantity take the Aurora Diamante fountain pen out of consideration for your next promotion, direct mail campaign or special event.  

What Can the Most Expensive Pen in the World Tell Us About the Best Customised Pen for You?

The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is clearly the leader of the pack when it comes to luxury pens. Three key features of this pen can inform your choice in promotional pens for your next event: 

  • Barrel: High-end platinum is probably unnecessary for your promotional pen, but do pick a barrel that speaks to your brand and occasion. To honour long-term employees or high-value customers, a metal barrel may be in order. If you’re celebrating a fun event like a birthday or other festivity, a brightly coloured plastic barrel may be best.
  • Details: You may not be looking for diamonds, but an etched rubber grip can make your pen the one your customers reach for first. Consider trendy features such as a rose gold trim, or a useful add-on like a stylus for touchscreens.
  • Point: Pick an ink and point size that matches your brand and your recipient. For instance, left-handers enjoy quick-drying, easy-flowing gel or rollerball ink. Ballpoint ink is a reliable choice for mass distribution at a low price.

The Most Expensive Pen Is the One Without Your Name on It

Find a pen that suits your style and feature your logo or ad message laser engraved, either in one colour or in vivid full colour. As long as your business name is on the barrel, you’ll be ahead of the competition.  

Pro tip: How can you add value to your promotional pens? Read our blog post and discover the importance of accessorising your promotional products

Here’s to impressive pens and effective branding all year long! If you’re looking for the best luxury gifts, don’t miss our post! 


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