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4 Best Mechanical Pencils for Branding Your Business

Pencils are the ideal writing instrument and are a popular choice in promotional products. They let you write papers, take notes and draw, but they also allow you to correct mistakes. The only problem? A traditional wooden pencil requires the user to have a sharpener handy and to stop working periodically to sharpen the point. The more the pencil is sharpened, the shorter it becomes, which makes it more difficult to grasp. This is one reason why mechanical pencils are so popular. These convenient tools have a surprisingly long history of providing a consistent lead tip and thickness, without getting shorter as the lead is used up. Today, there are various types of mechanical pencils to choose from. Read on to learn more about which mechanical pencil you should use to promote your small business.

What is the Definition of Mechanical Pencil?

Before we review the best mechanical pencils to promote your small business with, let’s first answer the question, “what is a mechanical pencil?” A mechanical pencil features lead in a spring-loaded or twist-fed barrel that extends the lead as it is used. As a result, no sharpener is necessary with a mechanical pencil.

What Are Mechanical Pencil Synonyms?

Mechanical pencils can also be called propelling, automatic, click or drafting pencils.

Are There Different Types of Mechanical Pencil Lead?

Yes! Mechanical pencils come with all sizes of lead. Popular lead sizes vary by country and writing style, but the most popular lead size for mechanical pencils is 0.7 millimetres.

When Was the Mechanical Pencil Invented?

Have you ever wondered what year the mechanical pencil was invented in? Although all types of mechanical pencil are still popular today, the mechanical pencil was actually invented way back in 1822! We owe this invention to an engineer named John Isaac Hawkins and a silversmith named Samson Mordan. The pair realised that they could take the lead in pencils (which is typically made of graphite) and set it in a mechanism that propels the lead core forward. This is why mechanical pencils are also called propelling pencils.

What Kind of Mechanical Pencils Can I Customise?

Since the mechanical pencil’s invention, there have been all kinds of advancements. There are the plastic mechanical pencils which most of us are familiar with from our school days and the more contemporary designs made with bamboo and metal. Metal mechanical pencils are increasingly popular due to their sophisticated look and high quality.

What Are the Best Mechanical Pencils for Branding?

Wondering which is best for you or your business? Let’s discuss the advantages of the top types of mechanical pencils so you can customise the perfect mechanical pencil for your customers, employees and special events.

1. Plastic Mechanical Pencils

Most people have a fondness for plastic mechanical pencils: They’re affordable, lightweight and come in many designs and colours. These plastic BIC® Matic® Mechanical Pencils are perfect in all kinds of settings, from classrooms to offices. Their functionality and affordability make them a best-seller across industries.

2. Bamboo Mechanical Pencils

Most mechanical pens are either made with plastic or metal. That’s what makes this Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set stand out. Made with bamboo, this set has the trendy style and bamboo material that many are looking for to replace their traditional pencils.

3. Metal Mechanical Pencils

Pen or pencil, this winning design is a hit with customers. That’s why many businesses customise this Adak Aluminium Ball Pen and Mechanical Pencil Gift Box. The metal barrel on both the pencil and pen showcase your brand’s quality.

4. Wooden Mechanical Pencils

For the best of both worlds, combine the comforting feel of wood with the modern convenience of a mechanical pencil, and include a matching pen as well! The Demoin Pen & Pencil Gift Set in Wood Box is built to impress. It features a wooden barrel, textured grip, chrome trim and is presented in a wooden gift box.

What Other Types of Promotional Pencils Can I Customise?

Now you know which the best mechanical pencils are, but if you are looking for even more options in your personalised pencils, including carpenter pencils and coloured pencils, check out this blog post: Learn More About the Different Types of Pencils Your Customers Use. Tip: Complete your promotional pencil gift by including a branded pencil case with your gift.


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